THE JOURNEY The Quarry presents IL VIAGGIO. A film, a legendary journey, a story of intense love. Every year, The Quarry curators travel across land and sea to bring home rare and exotic luxury marble, granite and onyx. Personally venturing over snow-capped peaks, through dense rainforests and endless riverbeds in a journey of immense adventure. Enduring sleepless nights and long hours to find, touch and fall hopelessly in love. Do stop by at The Quarry Gallery for a journey of your own. Your Quarry Curator will take you through a collection that is as breathtaking as the stories each slab holds.

THE CURATOR A seeker of perfection, a dreamer, a lover. The Curator’s journey is a journey that has many beginnings and no end. What makes this journey so special? For one, it has all the whims of a jet-set traveller. And yet, is packed with the rugged escapades of a manic adventurer. Fuelled by a one-of-a-kind love, in pursuit of a stone heart that cannot be conquered. It can only be held, cherished and celebrated.

THE MARBLE This is her journey home. She is a million years old. Yet, as fresh faced as the morn. Her radiance fills up empty spaces. And leaves your heart pining for more. She is stone. She is art. She is ethereal. She is magical. She is everything we live for. She is here at our one-of-a-kind Quarry Gallery. Waiting to adorn your beautiful home.



For those with a passion for nature’s own art form and a drive to deliver the finest. We offer the best international training and a work environment like no other. Write in to