The choices you make set you apart. Hang a painting, paint the wall, or choose to make a statement!

The Quarry curated one-of-a-kind luxury marble, granite, and onyx from across the globe. Each slab is a superstar in its own right! The glorious veins and precise finishes highlight a room like no other. The stones will make you fall in love with their soul of grandeur.

Be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen countertop, tabletop, bathroom backdrop, you name it, and The Statement collection offers a masterpiece for all that and more. A statement slab has the power to spruce up any space it's a part of.

Each slab is committed to world specifications with 2 cm thickness, pre-cut and pre-polished by the finest Italian craftsmen. The Quarry Curators and The Quarry Projects team ensure smooth and efficient installation of your favourite selection.

Natural stones from The Quarry Statement collection are the go-to choice for some of the best luxury homes in India. With vibrant grandeur, dramatic colours, subtle richness and beautiful sheen, each slab is sure to impress everyone.

Your home says a lot about you, and the choices you make, makes you! Give yourself and your home what it deserves. A luxurious statement like no other.