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A bedroom is a personal sanctuary where you retreat and unwind. It's a space for relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation. From cosy to luxurious, a bedroom can be customised to reflect one's style. The statement you make with your home speaks louder than words! A slab from the Statement collection can elevate and transform a space with its sheer presence.

The Quarry curated the best luxury marble in India with statement slabs from all around the world, with over 40 of the world's most luxurious marble, granite and rare Onyx, handpicked by The Chief Curator from Brazil, Madagascar, France, Italy and more in your home will levitate your bedroom.

With the Statement natural stones from The Quarry, you can create a unique bedroom that genuinely reflects your one-of-a-kind choice, with each slab being the highlight in its own right. The carefully crafted veins and textures seem like an ode to nature, all while being stylish and a notch above the ordinary.


What better to highlight your bedroom than an enchanting piece of a vivid green, grey and brown slab that gives your space a lavish, dramatic feel? The Quarry-curated Amazonite will stun you. The grandeur grasps the attention of anybody that enters the room. The flow of texture is a beautiful addition to your bedroom. From the quarries of South America to Italy to your home, Amazonite travelled far and wide, only for you!


Blaise Wood

Blaise enhances a room with its rare combination of wood texture and metallic finish. The rugged sheen has a glorified presence, making a statement nobody can miss. It's one of the most sought-after stones curated from Norway; Its subtle yet unique presence is just the calming factor you need in your bedroom.


Emerald Green

The richness of Emerald Green tugs your heart at first sight. The enticing feature of Emerald Green consumes the space and brings it beautifully together in an opulent way. Its refined demeanour makes the room look enchanting. The deep shade of green is consuming in more ways than one, making it the best luxury marble in India and your bedroom a place you don't want to leave, all while making a statement.


Louise Blue

Make a lasting statement with the boasting shades of turquoise, orange, reds and browns; Louise blue speaks to the heart. The calming demeanour of blue and the drama of the reds and browns add an unmatched flavour to your bedroom. The variation in colours is the perfect juxtaposition to make a statement. The pattern gives a sublime look to your bedroom.


Pannonia Blau

Created over a thousand years, this slab will transform your bedroom. The Statement is handpicked from the quarries of France. Its black-and-white patterns with hints of gold will add grandeur and elegance to your space. The amalgamation of its opulent textures will make your bedroom look one-of-a-kind.


Why go for the ordinary when you can make a one-of-a-kind statement? If you want to create the bedroom of your dreams, the statement collection by The Quarry, featuring the best luxury Italian marble, granite, and rare Onyx in India, curated worldwide, is what you need. Each slab is committed to world specifications with 2 cm thickness, pre-cut and pre-polished by the finest Italian craftsmen and the installation is as efficient as ever with the help of The Quarry Projects team. Visit The Quarry Gallery today and know more!