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5 Inviting Living Room Inspirations.

The most crucial part of your home is the living room, which deserves the best Italian marble. While you have a cup of coffee after a long day's work or while you entertain friends over the weekend, it's where everybody wants to sit back and relax. The Quarry curated The Statement Collection from all over the world to spruce up an otherwise mundane space. Check out the images to see the extravagance these stones add to your living room.


Our Top 5 luxury Brazilian Granite picks for the season!

Luxury comes in different colours, shapes, textures, and sizes- replicating the beauty of nature. With The Quarry granites, a piece of that allure can arrive at your doorstep. Architects and designers in the industry fell in love with the newest and best granite collection, and so will you! The vein in each stone is unique which also enhances its beauty. The volcanic events and the mystique of the earth make sure each piece is a hero by itself.