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5 Most Common Myths About Using Marble in Your Home

Debating on whether you should opt for marble flooring, but unsure about it because of all the different opinions you hear? There are so many myths and misconceptions about marble as a material used in home decor that we can completely understand your hesitation. The Quarry Curators can dispel these myths and put you at ease! Here’s a few of the most common myths about marble and our take on them.


The Ultimate Guide To Home Decorating Ideas Using Marble

Marble is timeless and is one of the most popular options that comes to mind when looking for home decor ideas. It is widely used in some of the world’s most iconic monuments, and in offices and homes for that refined look. One of the most important benefits of marble is that it looks stunning while being highly durable at the same time. It’s also extremely versatile and has many applications in every room in the house. From marble walls and marble floors to marble wall cladding, kitchen backsplashes and accent wall panels, it makes for a chic addition to any space.


5 Ways to Clean and Care For White Onyx Surfaces in Your Home

White onyx is a beautiful and rare natural stone that can lend a touch of sophistication to any type of space. It looks exquisite when used to decorate your home and living area. Onyx is composed of calcite and is usually formed in caves in the Middle East, Africa and South America . Authenticity of white onyx lies in the clearness in stone and such exquisite stones are available at Iran.This place of origin is responsible for those beautiful swirls and speckles we see in the details of a slab of authentic onyx.