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5 Ways to Clean and Care For White Onyx Surfaces in Your Home

White onyx is a beautiful and rare natural stone that can lend a touch of sophistication to any type of space. It looks exquisite when used to decorate your home and living area.Onyx is composed of calcite and is usually formed in caves in the Middle East, Africa and South America . Authenticity of white onyx lies in the clearness in stone and such exquisite stones are available at Iran.This place of origin is responsible for those beautiful swirls and speckles we see in the details of a slab of authentic onyx.

What does White Onyx look like

While onyx is found in several shades of white, stark and clear white onyx is by far the most rare and appealing one. At The Quarry, we source the finest white onyx from the farthest corners of Iran, to bring you stunning and durable collections that’ll lend a truly unique and personalized touch to your space. Our white onyx is a true showstopper, with pure white consistent pattern flowing across the slab – which is only available at the most sought-after Iranian quarries. Whereas, Mexican or Turkish onyx is not of utmost purity because of the conditions of formation at the source. Our onyx undergoes QVAC Treatment, to reinforce strength and make the onyx sturdier. Read on for tips on how to care for this beautiful stone.

QVAC treated Bianco Onice (without and with back-lit)

Where White Onyx is Used

White onyx is versatile enough to have various applications in your home or office space. It is best suited for creating a visual accent that looks lovely when backlit. It can be used as wall cladding for your living room to create a chic visual statement, as a banquet table, coffee table or side table surface or wall panels. However, it’s best not to use it in high traffic areas within the home, as that would make it prone to damage.


QVAC White Onyx as Dining Room wall highlighter


QVAC White Onyx | Backlit

Caring and Maintenance for White Onyx Surfaces

Cleaning and maintaining white onyx requires extra care and attention to detail. Since it’s a porous, silica-based soft natural stone, it is slightly more susceptible to reactions with acids and to excessive moisture. Don’t worry though, if you get the right approach to cleaning and set out a regular schedule for it, it’ll be easy to take care of. Also, since it is slightly fragile, use white onyx with a backing that helps make it sturdier and protects it. This is especially important when it is used as a countertop or wall tile. A fiberglass backing for your white onyx surfaces usually helps protect it from abrasions and scratches.
When cleaning the surface, use a soft microfibre cloth, and avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners that contain acidic substances, as they can erode the surface of the onyx. Opt for cleaners that have a neutral pH level.
Here are 5 helpful steps to clean white onyx that will make it last long without losing its lovely texture.

1. Apply a stone sealant: Contact a professional for annual maintenance of your white onyx surfaces. The Quarry would be glad to help - our professionals would recommend the best sealants to keep the surface protected and increase its longevity.

2. Use a soft brush: In case of spills that get crusted over, for example food spills -do not rub or use a scrub pad. Instead, you can try using a wet, soft-bristled brush dipped in liquid soap. It will be effective yet gentle on the surface of your premium white onyx.

3. Wipe it down: Wipe the surface of your white onyx using a mild dish soap, using a soft, damp cloth. This is the most effective way to clean up any spills or stains on this type of onyx. Use a soft microfibre cloth to prevent getting any scratches onto the surface of your white onyx countertop or backsplash.

4. Get the soap off: After getting the stains off with soap, rinse your cloth thoroughly, and then use it to wipe the surface clean to get the soap off. Remember to be gentle yet thorough with it, wiping it down at least twice so that it’s completely clean.

5. Pat it dry: Do not allow moisture to stay on the white onyx surface for too long as it can cause damage. Take a clean, dry towel and now pat off the wetness from the surface, letting it dry completely. Remember to pat gently and not wipe.

We hope these tips help you take the best care of your beautiful white onyx surfaces. Stop by The Quarry Gallery if you would like a bespoke luxury marble solution for your home interiors, or request for an appointment at +9199305 4444.

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