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From all the beautiful natural stones that you can adorn your home with, onyx stone can certainly be one of them. A precious onyx stone is formed in caves around the world and is mostly made of calcite. Depending on its quality, onyx is considered to be a precious or a semi-precious stone. For centuries, various forms of precious onyx stones have been used to create jewellery, home accessories and sculptures.

Some of the most loved slabs of our QVAC onyx stones are on display at The Quarry Gallery in rare and large sizes. This special treatment done on our onyx stone will strengthen it from within, and the result is a breath-taking collection of the largest and purest Onyx Slabs. The Quarry curates the finest collection of natural stones from 31 countries across the world in 33 amazing colours. Including Pink Onyx, Amazonite, Accendo, Onice Ivory and many more.

Pink Onyx,Curate by The Quarry Gallery-Best italian marble company,Mumbai,India

The Quarry Curated QVAC Pink Onyx

We, at The Quarry Gallery, pay extra attention in delivering the best Onyx to be a highlight in your home. Each slab of our handpicked precious onyx stone is cut to the global standards of 20mm and polished by generations of Italian craftsmen in Italy. Our Onyx undergo a special treatment called QVAC, which makes it superiorly sturdier than any other Onyx that you can see. Onyx is a unique natural stone available in a varied number of colours from white, yellow, green, red, purples, browns, beiges etc. and swirling patterns.

The translucency of an onyx stone can strongly impact your interior design, making any surface look more interactive and transformative.

The Quarry Curated Accendo non-litup- Best marble supplier in India

The Quarry Curated Accendo non-litup

The Quarry Curated Accendo litup- Best marble supplier in India

The Quarry Curated Accendo lit up.

When it comes to using an onyx stone for large applications like home interiors, we have to be a little more careful while choosing the slab and its application. Onyx being a rare, translucent stone is also fragile in its nature. However, at The Quarry, our curators offer complete knowledge on usage, density, rarity, the origin of every slab and also provide technologies like the QVAC to strengthen every onyx stone we curate.

Onyx stone can be used for various vertical and horizontal applications like countertops, floors, wall cladding, countertops and even furniture and accessories like table-tops, lamps, bowls, vases and more.

Accendo Bar Counter Designed-The Quarry Gallery,Best italian Marble company in Mumbai

The Quarry Accendo Bar Counter

A precious onyx stone application looks even more breath-taking when it is backlit. Onyx stone looks wonderful when used as a highlighter or an accent feature in areas such as entrance lobbies, living rooms, bathrooms and so on.

The Quarry - Onyx Miele Wall Highlighter

Onyx stones differ in properties from other natural stones like marble or granite. Hence, utmost care needs to be taken when you decide to select the onyx stone for a particular application. With the expertise that our Quarry Curators offer, we make sure your decision of choosing our precious onyx stone is 100% correct and fool-proof.

The Quarry - Pink Onyx Dry Kitchen Counter

The Quarry - Pink Onyx Dry Kitchen Counter

So, does a rare and precious onyx stone sound like the perfect material for your home?

The Quarry Curators will be delighted to guide you to make one-of-a-kind choices based on your vision for design.

Call +91 99305 44444 to buy the best Italian marble, granite and rare onyx near you, right here in Mumbai, India.