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5 Ways to Clean and Care For White Onyx Surfaces in Your Home

White onyx is a beautiful and rare natural stone that can lend a touch of sophistication to any type of space. It looks exquisite when used to decorate your home and living area. Onyx is composed of calcite and is usually formed in caves in the Middle East, Africa and South America . Authenticity of white onyx lies in the clearness in stone and such exquisite stones are available at Iran.This place of origin is responsible for those beautiful swirls and speckles we see in the details of a slab of authentic onyx.


Unique Marble Wall Design Ideas and Installation Techniques

Why restrict your wall design to paint or wallpaper when you can make it unique by using luxurious marble, granite and onyx from across the world! Marble is said to be one of the most beautiful and opulent natural stones. After all, it is one of Mother Nature’s breath-taking creations that take millions of years to form. The most coveted of them all, being natural Italian marble.