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Unique Marble Wall Design Ideas and Installation Techniques

Why restrict your wall design to paint or wallpaper when you can make it unique by using luxurious marble, granite and onyx from across the world! Marble is said to be one of the most beautiful and opulent natural stones. After all, it is one of Mother Nature’s breath-taking creations that take millions of years to form. The most coveted of them all, being natural Italian marble.

It has been converted into treasures by sculptors, artisans, designers and architects equally, making it an excellent choice for their finest works, from cathedrals, galleries, elaborate pillars, public buildings to luxury residences.

How to choose the right type of marble for wall design?

Natural marble can add class to any space for years to come, may it be commercial or residential. You can select different types of marble for wallsin your home. The Quarry Curators can help you select the best marble for flooring, wall cladding, counters and more in India.

Our curated collection is sourced from 31 of the top quarries, across the world. Each slab is committed to world specification of 20mm thickness, pre-cut and pre-polished by the finest Italian craftsmen. You can choose from a breath-taking range of whites like the Italian marble collection that includes Carrara, Laas Authenticoand Statuario, or choose from 33 exotic colours of luxury marble and granite, like Grand Antique Noir, Dalmata, Grey Myst and more for wall cladding. There are many benefits of marble wall cladding and we can help you with luxurious home decorating ideas using the best marble.

Our shortlisted and easy-to-follow ideas will assist you to create a modern sophisticated interior design and completely transform the room in mind. From your bedroom, living room, kitchen, entryway, or any other room in your house a stylish look is guaranteed.

Natural stone also works great with all kinds of weather conditions, making it easy to maintain. It shows minimal damage due to natural elements like water, fire, rodents or other external agents. This makes it an excellent choice for spaces across the home from foyers, living room to bedrooms, bathrooms and more.

Here are some interesting marble wall design ideas for your home! This can be your guide to different types of marble for walls in different rooms.

Go for a book match

You can choose to combine different slabs or create a magnificent book match for your bedroom or living room wall cladding.Choose any of our Italian cut and polished marble that can be book matched across a seamless application, successfully achieved by our skilled The Quarry Projects Team. It is important to artfully place the marble pieces so that it all comes together like a one-of-a-kind painting.

Lusso MacchiatoStone Wall Cladding Book Matched-Curated by The Quarry best italian marble company in India

Try different textures and finishes

You can smartly use textured marble in interior design to achieve a luxurious look. Different finishes will help you enhance the beauty of your selected marble by giving it a timeless feel.You can choose from flutes, grooves, honed, water jet finish and more. Depending on design requirements, you can also customise the finishes with the assistance and expertise of The Quarry Projects team.

Incorporate highlighter in your wall design

Marble wall highlighters are also a wonderful way to bring elegance into your home without having to renovate or make significant changes to existing decor. Consider choosing a piece that won’t look out of place in your overall interior scheme but still revamps the look and feel of the space.


Consider designing your bathroom walls with marble

Using beautifully handcrafted marble wall designs in a bathroom can be a great choice. This is less of a commitment as it only involves picking out the right size and shape and then installing it in the space of choice. It’s also a practical way to incorporate a low-maintenance wall into your home by adding it as a luxe element and making your bathroom look one-of-a-kind.

luxurious-bathroom design

Every marble slab is different, and so are its applications. With the help of our curators, you can plan what your finished application will look like. They will guide you to make the correct selection based on your requirement and space. Along with the factor of assured durability, natural stone wall cladding also offers scratch, abrasion and stain resistance. With The Quarry’s Densification process you can even choose white slabs for your walls and you don’t have to worry about accidental spills or stains of any kind.

To know more stunning options for using Italian marble for wall cladding, we insist you visit The Quarry Gallery and The Quarry CO:LAB. Our curators can guide you through the entire selection process, discuss ideas and help you make the right choice.

At The Quarry, Italian marble company Mumbai, India we have invested in technologies like the QVAC – a special ultra-strengthening technology to increase the integrity and longevity of the stone and the bacteria resistant Bacto-Finish.

Contact us to buy the best Italian marble, granite, and onyx near you, right here in Mumbai, India.