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The most crucial part of your home is the living room, which deserves the best Italian marble. While you have a cup of coffee after a long day's work or while you entertain friends over the weekend, it's where everybody wants to sit back and relax. The Quarry curated The Statement Collection from all over the world to spruce up an otherwise mundane space. Check out the images to see the extravagance these stones add to your living room.


Alps Glitter Corteccia

Your living room deserves the best South American marble, and what better than a glittering piece of the alps with patterns of grey flowing gracefully across your living room wall? Alps Glitter Corteccia brings personality to every surface it touches. Bring it home, and you'll experience the magic yourself.


Arctic Sky

What makes a  luminous living room is the grandeur and the vastness that only Arctic Sky can bring. The combination of black and white creates a mystic touch. The grey veins scattered across the slab are dreamlike. Arctic Sky brings a fresh take with its calming demeanour. The addition of this enthralling marble is what your living room needs.


Rock Di Lusso

The addition of Rock Di Lusso to your living room is genuinely unique. The edgy yet luxurious look with mismatched grey and deep blue textures add a rugged, timeless and magnificent look to any space.



Nothing beats the affluence of Wunderbar when it comes to adding a truly special factor to your living room. The Quarry curated the slab, which is a combination of an abundance of green with tinges of brown and copper, representing the nature of Brazil right in your living room. Celebrate it with a book match or innovative applications that can forever adorn your home.


Onice Miele

Onice is what dreams are made of. The vastness of the slab takes you for a spin while you have a cup of tea in your living room. The beige melting into a copper-orange makes your living captivating and inviting, making your space look unique. It's a homogenous yellow with refined grain and it’s delicate detailing with a beautiful yet subtle sheen when backlit is unmatched.


A single installation of The Quarry marble transforms any living room into a beautiful and stylish lounge. Bring home a piece of the world to your doorstep and make a statement.