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Our Top 5 luxury Brazilian Granite picks for the season!

Luxury comes in different colours, shapes, textures, and sizes- replicating the beauty of nature. With The Quarry granites, a piece of that allure can arrive at your doorstep. Architects and designers in the industry fell in love with the newest and best granite collection, and so will you! The vein in each stone is unique which also enhances its beauty. The volcanic events and the mystique of the earth make sure each piece is a hero by itself. 

Luxury granites are impeccable. They are sure to make each part of your kitchen countertops, bathrooms, or windowsills, has a sharp aesthetic, adding nuance to your space. And The Quarry, one of India's top luxury marble and granite companies, curated these for you with utmost care. The Quarry Gallery in Mumbai has an extensive display of the granite of your dreams. 100% Italian, 100% natural, and carefully curated from 31 countries only makes the collection one-of-a-kind. Coming all the way from Brazil, the granite collection can be used to elevate an otherwise-mundane space.

The stones from Brazil come highly recommended for their strength and durability, making them a class apart from ordinary stones. With a splash of colour, and intricate and mystique textures, they are beautifully exotic. 

Experts curate the Top five highlighters from this season to accentuate your home. And here are the best picks!

Avocado Vert is Curated from the exotic quarries of Brazil. The stone has beautiful veins in white with a lush green backdrop, replicating the depth of the Amazon rainforest. This metamorphic quartzite features deep hues and warm green tones. Admire the white and black accents that swirl across the slabs. Indeed, a breathtaking natural work of art. 

Azul Mary is distinct in more ways than one from its counterparts. You will love the shades of blue, red and gold as they come together through the playful flow. If you want a pop of Colors that blend beautifully, bring home this creation of nature and admire it every day.

Here is a fusion of colours, energy and ideas to wow you. This distinctive multi-coloured quartzite has natural hues of deep greys, creams and rust. Classy yet eccentric, it’s beauty is enhanced best with leather finish. Fusion Wow is perfect for bold and brave spaces.

A piece that is sure to leave an impression on your heart, Emerald Green is one of our most precious stones inspired by a feeling akin to love at first sight. Since it’s a strong quartzite, it makes the stone perfect for harsh applications too. 

Wunderbar is a magnificent stone with shades of green, beige and brown. And what makes it more interesting? It can be backlit. The textures on the stone are like a sensational work of art. Celebrate it with a book match or innovative applications that can forever adorn your home.

So if you are looking for the right fit, visit The Quarry Gallery now and bring a piece of Brazil home with you.