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The Quarry Curators can help you select the best marble for flooring, wall cladding, counters and more in India. Our curated collection is sourced from 31 of the top quarries, across the world. Each slab is committed to world specification of 2 cm thickness, pre-cut and pre-polished by the finest Italian craftsmen.

You can choose from a breath-taking range of whites like the Italian marble collection that includes Carrara, Bianco Lasa, Statuario and Botticino, or choose from 33 exotic colours of luxury marble and granite, like Grand Antique Noir, Dalmata, Grey Myst, Mattisse and more for flooring.

The Quarry Curated Dalmata Marble Kitchen Counter

Natural stone also works great with all kinds of weather conditions, making it easy to maintain. It shows minimal damage due to natural elements like water, fire, rodents or other external agents. This makes it an apt choice for areas with heavy foot traffic.

Most natural stones are less porous, which increases their durability and hence, are easier to maintain over time.

Cleaning Marble Floors

The marble floor must be dusted with an untreated mop or cloth. When mopping marble floor, do ensure that the water is changed periodically. Dirty water often settles in the lower part of textured surface and in grout joints. This could leave a dirt residue on evaporation. After mopping, use a wet and dry vacuum to remove the dirty water. Make sure all spills are blotted immediately.

Lusso MacchiatoStone Wall Cladding Book Matched-Curated by The Quarry best italian marble company in India

Removing stains from marble

The Quarry Densification process makes each slab highly stain-resistant and the bacteria-resistant BactoFinish which ensures your marble flooring, kitchen countertops, table tops are safe to touch at any given point.

The Quarry - Pink Onyx Dry Kitchen Counter

Kitchen backsplashes and counters are more likely to stain from food and drinks. You need to clean the stain immediately. Blot stains with a towel and wash with a pH-neutral cleaner made for marble. Once it is clean, dry the area with a soft cloth.

Ingredients with high acidity or intense colours like turmeric could stain the marble of your countertops. Use a cutting board to protect your marble surfaces from acidic foods and sharp knives.

Overall marble care

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents and cleaners with vinegar, lemon or orange as these products could etch your marble surfaces. 
  • Remember, marble, granite and onyx each have different maintenance requirements and hence cleaners. 
  • Even when you are cleaning the bathroom, you shouldn’t use bathroom and tile cleaners unless they are specifically designed for marble and granite.
  • Place coasters on your marble table tops and countertops for drinks and trivet for hot pots and pans.

If you still have doubts about choosing maintenance free marble for flooring, cladding, bathrooms and more we insist you visit our 12,500 sq. ft. temperature-controlled The Quarry Gallery, here in Mumbai. Our curators can guide you through the entire selection process and help you make the right choice and take you through stunning options in marble for flooring and finishes.

Call +91 99305 44444 to buy the best Italian marble, granite, and onyx near you, right here in Mumbai, India.