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The fundamental rule for any minimalistic designed home, office or commercial space is: Less is more. The first and most important step in achieving this is selecting high-quality materials that can make a statement on their own.

When you hear words like high-quality, statement piece or luxurious natural stones like marble, granite and onyx, they cannot be replicated in any way or form. But isn’t marble for a minimalistic interior design too much? Won’t a marble as a key element in my living room interior design make it feel cold and bland? Isn’t marble the opposite of minimalistic and difficult to maintain?

No, no and no.

You don’t have to overwhelm yourself or your home completely with marble just because your home interior designis minimalistic. There is more to minimal design than a chair, plant and white marble. Marble has an unmatched natural value and versatility that makes it perfect for modern and well-appointed interiors.

You can begin by choosing the areas that marble would complement the environment, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and entrance of your home. Many of today's top designers choose to utilise this incredible stone in a subtle way that brings a refined contemporary look of modernism without being overly opulent.

Go for a colourful living room with marble surfaces

Thinking of designing your living room in a minimalistic style but not sure where to start? Go for grey, beige or white to colour it. Not associated with dungeons, dull office spaces or museums respectively, grey, beige or white are perfectly understated with the power to make your furniture look contemporary without being too blank or boring.

You can easily combine any one of these three colours and green together for a refreshing look. So yes, when designed well, a plant, comfortable seating and understated marble can be your risk-free minimalistic living room.

If you feel like you can handle something more brave or colourful and still tick all the boxes in a minimalist living room design, here’s some inspiration. Imagine a cohesive colour plan. Consider a sophisticated neutral base (like we said: grey, beige or white) that can be elevated with a colourful rug, cushions and accent furniture like in this living room.

Remember less is more, just the right amount of all the above will help you keep your design as minimalistic as ever yet unpredictable. A quick alteration in the cushion covers or rug can give you a mini make over from time to time.

Accentuate your kitchen or bathroom with marble

Marble is a natural material with unimaginable toughness and durability along with alluring tasteful features. There is no need to renovate your complete house to evoke the timeless finesse of marble. Begin by choosing a space, such as a kitchen, where marble is easily matched. Consider including marble design in your kitchen with well-chosen applications that combine function and style like the simplest of all – flooring.

Don’t be scared to choose white flooring for your kitchen or bathroom. You can simply, ask to reduce the porosity of the stone before its application. We also recommend opting for a polished texture, instead of a lether finish for kitchens.

The Quarry Curators can help you choose the right slab and finishes for your kitchen and bathroom. The Quarry Projects team can install it for you with flawless precision and international standards.

Two additional or optional applications can be your kitchen/bathroom countertops or open shelves that are functional and can be stylised with different styles of marble or design.

Create a fairy-tale with a white bedroom

Marble is unquestionably a high-quality material that can hold attention on its own. With a rare mixture of colour and flow, each slab of marble is made unique and luxurious. Designers use marble in various ways to deliver minimalist bedroom designs. For an uncluttered, minimalist bedroom, start with an all-white theme and add crafty contrast with grey or heavily veined marble flooring in a contemporary version of flooring; for added visual interest, arrange the slabs to create a book-match.

You can change the ambience with smart lighting solutions and add hints of colour through personalised elements like pictures, souvenirs and upholstery.

The key to incorporating marble décor into your home design is to be selective and apply it in according to the theme of the room. Think about decorative accents, statement pieces and understated functional objects that intrigue your senses and will add a light, graceful touch to your living space.

Everyone wants to make the right choice in selecting marble for their home, but it’s easier said than done. With endless choices in the market, it’s a daunting task to find the best marble. But as long as The Quarry Curators guide you to choose the best marble for your space, you’ll know that you have made the choice of a lifetime.

At The Quarry Gallery, we have invested in technologies like the QVAC – a special ultra-strengthening technology to increase the integrity and longevity of the stone. The Quarry Gallery Densification process makes each slab highly stain resistant and the amazing bacteria-resistant finish.

To discover stunning options in Italian marble for flooring or cladding, we insist you see a sample slab before making a final choice or visit The Quarry Gallery. Call +91 99305 44444 to buy the best Italian marble, granite and onyx near you, right here in Mumbai, India.