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Renovating your residence from end to end is quite a task, considering furniture, paint, flooring, counters and accessories. The sheer number of options in each category can be exciting for some, whereas daunting for others. Some may favour faux concrete walls or a marble cladded highlighter, while others will simply add a painting to said wall to bring a refreshing feeling.

Our shortlisted and easy-to-follow ideas will assist you to create a modern sophisticated interior design and completely transform the room in mind. From your bedroom, living room, kitchen, entryway, or any other room in your house a stylish look is guaranteed.

Everyone has a favourite material when it comes to designing their home. Some are inclined towards the warm tones of wood, while others favour the texture and comfort of fabric or leather. Our go-to material is most certainly natural stone like marble, granite and onyx.

We believe eternal quality of marble creates exhilarating and striking natural beauty that can dignify the aesthetics of any room in your house. Giving it an indisputable larger visual allure, sophisticated vibe and adding a stylish touch to your decor while still staying modern.

Different ways to decorate your home with marble:

There’s a reason for flooring and wall cladding to be some of the most common applications of natural stones in home interior décor. However, even these applications can be made extraordinary with amazing designs and a little help from The Quarry Curators and The Quarry Projects Team.

When it comes to the dilemma of ideal application of a marble, everywhere and anywhere is your answer! Furniture is most certainly another incredible way to achieve a stylish interior look that may sometimes start on a smaller scale but is just as much effective.

On the other hand, using marble in large proportions for a bedroom is all about preference.It is highly recommended for hot climates, as it can feel incredibly cooling and soothing to have marble walls or marble floors.

Another place that demands the application of natural stone is bathroom. If you are drawn to natural colours, finishes and craftsmanship, you can have a breath-taking bathroom in your luxurious home.

luxurious-bathroom design

The Quarry Curated Lilac Super Extra on walls.

As mentioned above, no space can be excluded from the use of natural stones. But here’s the catch – it is of incredible importance you choose your marble, granite or onyx with extra care, caution and complete knowledge of the choice of your slab.

The Quarry Curators can help you make a one-of-a-kind choice based on your design, requirements and location. Using natural stone for a modern sophisticated interior design can automatically elevate the ambience. The Quarry Projects team can also suggest and execute amazing finishes to further stylise your designs.

Choosing the right colours in marble, granite or onyx:

The infinite variety of colours, textures and finishes alone makes the use of natural stone in home interiors a perfect choice. Do keep in mind that marble colours can vary – and therefore can be used in tandem with different materials like wood or metal. While many will go for the more subtle shades, such as white or deep grey, you can step out of the norm and choose a marble with elements of pink, black, grey, green, yellow and gold veins.

Italian marble design The Quarry Gallery

The Quarry Curated Passione cladded on the wall.

We have over 33 colours for you to choose from at The Quarry Gallery, an Italian marble company in Mumbai, India. Even if the choice of marble varies from one individual to the other, you can easily pick a marble or granite for your luxurious home that incorporates your theme and represents what you and your family is all about.

Our suggestion is to select a stone with a colour or veining that balances your design. Pick a bright marble for an otherwise neutrally designed space or go for a cool white or grey slab to tone down a busy, colourful space.

The Quarry Gallery displays an extraordinary collection of marble, granite and onyx in countless finishes that will surely leave you stunned. Each block is handpicked from over 167 quarries across 31 countries globally. Each block is then cut and polished in Italy to the world standard 20mm thickness.

Stylish ways to combine marble with other materials:

Marble and Wood

A staircase in this combination will surely become the uncontested highlight in the most diverse settings. For example, in some cases, it may be possible to think of layering the marble staircase with wood, or the other way round.


The Quarry Curated Fusion Wow behind the staircase.

Marble inserts on wood or vice versa, inlays can be created for a classic-modern fusion interior design. Those who do not have a staircase as an element to play with can try to create a balance between marble and wood in the furnishings or surrounding spaces like flooring, countertops or even accessories.

A marble and wood bathroom can take on even the most simple designs and make it next level. It can become a highly stylised space or a minimalist room. The possibilities in creativity and design skills are endless for this classic yet unique combination.

Just imagine what you can achieve in a kitchen or foyer with the right marble and wood combo.Contact us to explore your options and find the best Italian Marble in Mumbai.

Marble and Metal

Here’s a fashionable choice that will be admired and applauded for years to come. If wood and marble are a classic, then marble and metal are ultra-modern and meant together.

marble wall cladding image by The Quarry Gallery | Italian marble company

The Quarry Curated Azul Montagna inlayed with Metal.

It is a perfect intersperse of minimalistic design in metal and marble, especially the royal blue The Quarry Curated Azul Montagna, when combined with metal, can highlight the entire space and refine the veins to the highest level of luxe.

Experimenting with combinations like marble and concrete or marble and other stones can also result in a spectacular home or office space.

To know more stunning options for using natural stone for interior design, we insist you visit The Quarry Gallery and The Quarry CO:LAB. Our curators can guide you through the entire selection process, discuss ideas and help you make the right choice.

Contact us to buy the best Italian marble, granite, and onyx near you, right here in Mumbai, India.