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After a long day, the bathroom is where you unwind and relax. The Quarry Statement Collection offers a unique and pristine ambience that can immediately transform and enhance your experience. The natural stones are handpicked and curated from the best quarries worldwide by the Chief Curator. These slabs are a timeless and luxurious addition to your home.

Using the natural stones sourced by The Quarry Statement Collection, you can design a wonderful space that reflects your taste. The skillfully formed patterns and textures pay homage to the natural world while adding a touch of elegance. Take inspiration for a bathroom that makes a statement with some of our finest luxury Marble, Granite and rare Onyx!

American Portoro Gold

American Portoro Gold is the ultimate masterpiece crafted by nature. It's the top choice for those who appreciate art and have one-of-a-kind taste. Why settle for anything less than a beautiful luxury natural stone that transforms your bathroom into a lavish, dramatic golden-black paradise?



The Quarry Statement Collection’s Dalmata is a mix of vivid white and intense black. It adds a touch of luxury and allure to your bathroom. As the hazy evening mist settles in, a whole new enchanting atmosphere is created within the walls of your home.


Inverno Fall

Installing a slab of Inverno Fall from The Quarry Statement collection can evoke feelings of beauty, pleasure, and freedom, making your bathroom wall or the basin a focal point. The stone exudes a gentle blend of freshness and sensuality, reminiscent of the rustling of autumn leaves. It creates a surreal ambience that will remain with you forever.


Keizer Black

Sourced from Europe and carefully handpicked by our chief curator, Keizer Black is a dark and enigmatic natural stone that can take you on a voyage of exploration. Its design versatility can help create a mesmerising and dominant atmosphere in your bathroom.


Tropical Fashion

Imagine having the beauty of an evergreen forest as a luxurious retreat in your bathroom. The Quarry's handpicked Tropical Fashion from Brazil is just what you need! Its rich shades of green veins are timeless and will surely never go out of style.


Make a ONE-OF-A-KIND statement today! Each slab from The Quarry Statement Collection is committed to world specifications with 2 cm thickness, pre-cut and pre-polished by the finest Italian craftsmen. Let The Quarry Curators assist you in selecting the perfect natural stones, finishes, and applications. Visit The Quarry Gallery today and learn more!