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Your kitchen is not just a place for you to cook but is also the heart of your home. It's where you gather with family and friends to share meals and make memories. So why not make a statement with your kitchen and add great ambiance to your space?

The Quarry curated Statement Collection with one-of-a-kind best luxury Italian slabs that combine natural elements with modern designs. They create a stunning and sophisticated look for your kitchen. The Quarry has curated the best luxury marble in India from around the world with over 40 of the world's most luxurious marble, granite and rare Onyx, handpicked by The Chief Curator from Brazil, Madagascar, France, Italy and more.

A statement wall, kitchen island, countertop from the Quarry’s Statement Collection adds a pop of colour to your kitchen with a tinge of extravagance. You can go for a slab with bold hues that complement your cabinets and countertops. The bacteria resistant BactoFinish for kitchen countertops is a game-changer. Additionally, our densification process that makes surfaces resistant to stains is an innovation.

You can choose something loud, or go for something more subdued that adds warmth and cosiness to your space. The possibilities are endless, with so many colours, patterns and textures to pick from.


Biancanero, which travelled all the way from South America, is a mixture of the darkness of the night and the sunlight. Each slab depicts a different hour of the night, with magic that will fill your heart and home. Its dark base colour and shimmering gold veins create a sense of calm and luxury, while its shiny finish adds a touch of glamour to the space. Incorporating this beautiful slab into your bedroom will make for a stunning look, making a loud and luxurious statement.


Fusion Wow

Here's a fusion of colours, energy and ideas to wow you from South America. This distinctive multi-coloured quartzite has natural hues of deep greys, creams and rust. The green tones in the stone are reminiscent of lush forests and rolling hills, while the brown colours bring rich soil and earth to mind. The copper and rust tones add a touch of warmth and depth, creating a sense of comfort in the kitchen. This quartzite's unique combination of colours and textures will make a statement and become a focal point of your space.


Labradorite Lemurian

Labradorite Lemurian is a unique and rare slab that can add a touch of magic and mystery to any space. Its deep-coloured palette ranges from black-green to deep black with iridescent blue patches, giving it a striking and otherworldly appearance. Handpicked from Madagascar, this natural stone is a rare creation that is sure to stand out. When backlit, the stone can completely transform a space, creating a stunning display of colour and light.



This luxury Granite, from Madagascar, with bold strokes of green and white intrusion, is a true masterpiece, resembling a painting to the eye. This stunning natural stone will surely make a lasting statement. The bold strokes of green create a sense of energy and movement, while the white intrusions add a touch of lightness and brightness to the stone. Bring home a slab and make your kitchen make a statement for you.



If you want to add a touch of class and luxury to your kitchen, look no further than Zurich. This stunning slab from South America features an abundance of brown, white, and grey veining across the slab, making it ideal for backlighting or a glamorous setting. The veining in Zurich creates a sense of depth, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. When backlit, the slab comes alive, creating a stunning display of light that is sure to impress and make a statement.


A natural stone from The Quarry Curated Statement collection in your home can amp up the ambiance like no other. Pick from a range of the best luxury Italian marble, granite and rare onyx from The Quarry collection and make a statement today!