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Beautiful tabletops can elevate the style and ambience of your dining room. It's where everyone comes together for a great meal, bond and have a good time and it deserves to make a statement. The Quarry curated Statement Collection from over 40 of the world's best quarries. The Chief Curator handpicked each slab of Marble, Granite and rare Onyx from Brazil, Madagascar, France, Italy and more. The natural stones are a great choice if you are seeking a timeless addition to your home.

Marble gives a sophisticated appearance and has the ability to reflect light. With its durability and resistance, granite is a great choice for spaces like your kitchen and tabletops. Onyx, often used for its translucency and striking patterns, creates a dramatic effect and adds a touch of luxury. Each of these natural stones can be made into a luxury tabletop that is not only stunning but also practical and enduring.

Azul Montagna

The Azul Montagna is guaranteed to make a statement and captivate you from the instant you see it. This exceptional slab makes it an extraordinary natural stone for your tabletop. It's the most exquisite and scarce manifestation of nature makes it an exquisite natural stone with unique patterns, durability, and timeless elegance, expertly curated from around the globe.


Inverno fall

A slab of Inverno Fall from The Quarry Statement Collection invokes the idea of beauty, pleasure, and liberation, making your tabletop stand out. It brings a delicate mix of freshness and sensuality to your home, reminiscent of autumn and the sensation of leaves rustling. It creates a dreamlike atmosphere that will stay with you always.


Kosmus Gold

Hailing from the quarries of South America, Kosmus Gold from The Quarry Statement collection is an ageless masterpiece that brings a touch of refinement to any table. Its light and textured pattern on the tabletop's surface adds visual intrigue to a room without being too dominant.


Lazano Green

This slab from The Quarry Statement Collection will capture your heart with its green hue. Lazano Green is a valuable natural stone sourced from the quarries of South America and selected specifically for your luxury tabletop. It's precious and will indeed become a cherished possession for your home for the years to come.



Terrseta from The Quarry Statement Collection exudes a refined yet lively vibe. It’s striking design imbues each piece with a sense of tranquillity, inviting a positive atmosphere into any space. It’s a high-quality, durable, and aesthetically exquisite natural stone with unique patterns and wonderful versatility.


These natural stones boast unique patterns, colours, and textures that add character and depth to any tabletop, making your room truly one-of-a-kind. 

The Statement collection by The Quarry, featuring the best luxury marble, granite, and rare Onyx, curated from across the world, is what you need for a luxury tabletop and a beautiful, luxurious home. Each slab is committed to world specifications with 2 cm thickness, pre-cut and pre-polished by the finest Italian craftsmen. The installation is as efficient as ever with the help of The Quarry Projects team. Visit The Quarry Gallery today and learn more!