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More than a style statement, a kitchen should be functional at all times. The kitchen is the place you avoid putting up expensive wallpaper or artwork that could easily damage, stain or deteriorate. That is where natural stone backsplashes come in. A natural stone backsplash is functional and adds great aesthetic value to any living space and so the kitchen is no exception. Whether you incorporate a backsplash that goes from the countertop to the hood or straight up to the ceiling is up to you - either way, you can't go wrong. The subtle neutrals of whites, creams, greys, and gold along with the earth tones add great character detail and will never look outdated.


Natural stones come in various different finishes like polished, lether, honed and more . Polished stones tend to be glossy, while honed stones have more of a matte finish. There are many different ways to incorporate these finishes on your choice of natural stone, whether it's an Italian marble kitchen countertop, mosaic, or a kitchen backsplash.
Natural stones like marble, granite, quartzite are known for their distinctive veining details that can come in various colours including white, creams, greys, and even gold. Marble is one of the few stones that are available light in colour (though dark versions exist) and white marble is often sought after due to its luxurious features.
The statement-making stone is classic and works just as well in sleek, modern spaces as it does in traditional kitchens. One of the best features of marble is that no matter what room you use it in, it instantly elevates the space.
The options when it comes to marble backsplashes are more varied than you might think. You just need to get creative. Or simply book an appointment at The Quarry to find the best Italian marble in India.

Read along to find out five ways to up your game for marble backsplashes in your kitchen.

1. Keep it chic
Give the kitchen a simple yet sophisticated look with Stones in neutral tones such as blacks, whites, and creams and countertops in complementing colours. A classic Black and White Stone with a black countertop. Cream Stone with wooden countertops. Or go a notch above with an exotic colour like the Passione granite from South America or a graceful Rosa Portogallo are some of the great ways of application as your kitchen countertops.

2. Try different finishes
The Quarry Curators can recommend different finishes as per your design and application area. They will help you to choose the right finish for your choice of natural stones. The Quarry Projects team can also create amazing marble art to make an impressive design creation.


3. Small and sweet
Who says the backsplash needs to be elaborate or floor-to-ceiling? It can be a backdrop for a small area, like a work of art on your walls. Something that isn’t too expensive but still adds great aesthetic value. A small natural stone backsplash for your kitchen is sophisticated and modern but still protects your wall from regular stains.
4. A Touch of pattern
Don’t be afraid to play around with patterns. Mix and match different textures and sizes to your style. It not only adds uniqueness to your space but also gives a visual depth for the eye to admire.
5. Go bold
Not a fan of minimalism? Go bold with your choice of colours. With natural stones, you have a wide array of hues to choose from. It doesn’t have to be simple, your kitchen’s marble backsplash can become a statement piece.


Italian marble for the kitchen is costly and a little care goes a long way. Good maintenance can keep them in tip-top shape for a long time.
Natural stone backsplashes require special attention for their cleaning. Cleaning products at your local store cannot be used for them as they might contain acidic ingredients or chemicals that can etch into the stone’s surface. Ammonia and bleach are a big NO when it comes to Natural stone product cleaning.
You can either use marble-specific stone cleaning products or make your cleaner at home using one tablespoon of mild dish soap mixed with warm water but even this mixture should not be used regularly as it can dull the stone. Always use a soft non-abrasive cloth for drying the stone.
If and when there is a splatter or splash of food or any drink then blot it immediately using a dry clean cloth, followed by a good stone cleaner and in the end pat dry with a soft cloth.
Due to the huge variety of natural stone backsplashes available in the market, homeowners have many options to choose from. With a little care and maintenance, these backsplashes can last for decades. Check out the collection at The Quarry and take home the natural stone that best suits your style and kitchen.
We’d love to assist with finding the right cut, finish and type of stone for your specific needs. Stop by The Quarry Gallery in Mumbai if you would like a luxury marble solution for your home interiors or book an appointment at +9199305 4444. Follow us on Instagram for more marble design inspiration.