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The beauty of luxury Italian marble is incomparable. Which is why adorning living room, bedroom
and even bathroom flooring with Italian marble ranks high on the list of the best applications for marble.

The floors you walk on can transform the look and feel of an interior. And it’s well-known how important it is to make the right choice if you are planning to invest in Italian marble for flooring.

At The Quarry, each collection is sourced from the top quarries across 31 countries. We are committed to world-standard of 20mm thickness where every slab is pre-cut and pre-polished by generations of Italian craftsmen.


Using natural stones like an Italian marble or granite in your design can help you transform a space in many different ways.

No matter where it is used – in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, marble has a timeless and luxurious appeal. At The Quarry Gallery, our 12,500 sq. ft. temperature controlled space, we display the finest Italian marble in Mumbai that is perfect for your home. Our curators can help you choose just the right kind of marble floor design that brings your home together, flawlessly. There are countless different types of marble flooring.

You can choose from a breath-taking range of whites like the Italian quarry marble collection that includes Carrara, Laas Authentico, Statuario and Botticino, or choose from 33 exotic colours of luxury marble and granite, like Grand Antique Noir, Dalmata, Grey Myst and more.

Here’s a quick guide to help you select the best marble for flooring.


- Choose marble with less porosity in order to avoid staining, limestone should be avoided.

- Choose marble with high resistance to abrasion in order to ensure longevity, onyx should be avoided.

- Choose a marble that suits your space. You can pick the latest marble flooring design with the help of our curators. After all, it’s going to be a long-term investment!


The Quarry Projects team can assist you with flawless marble installation work. They are trained to meet international standards and are equipped with the world’s best latest technology, materials and tools to create precise finishes, cladding, inlay and other artisanship.

There is so much more, we would like to tell you. Come, touch, feel, explore at The Quarry Gallery. A fully air-conditioned gallery dedicated to the best marble, granite and onyx in the world. To know more stunning options in luxury marble for flooring, we insist you see a sample slab before making a final choice.

Contact us to buy the best luxury Italian marble, granite, and onyx near you, right here in Mumbai, India.