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Be it in office or at home-office, we spend countless hours behind our office table. The conference rooms too are probably the most frequently used spaces and maybe it’s time to add a touch of freshness to your workspace. We all have to stop thinking of office tables as a spot to just work. So much more happens around it, intense discussions, important decisions, last-minute briefings, life changing promotions and so much more.

Your office table has seen you grow from a newbie into a polished professional. So why not give your office table a personality of its own? Make it timeless and unique not with wood but an amazing marble table design that will look breath-taking but also represent your legacy and last you for years to come.



From the reception desk, conference room tables to your personnel office table, all of these can be beautifully designed with natural stones like marble, granite and onyx. The Quarry Curated Collection can be reason enough for you to fall in love with your work routine. We have handpicked each slab from 31 countries across the world, allowing you to make the best choice for your marble office table.

Even if the choice of marble varies from one individual to the other, you can easily pick a black, white or coloured marble or granite for your office that incorporates your brand’s colours and represents what you and your business are all about. We have over 33 colours for you to choose from at The Quarry Gallery, an Italian marble company in Mumbai, India.


White and beige always work for an office space. A pristine white marble top desk with warm brown chairs can be both comforting and formal. The light-toned marble top table like the Ongie encourages light to bounce around the room and make it larger than life. You can also pair it with white marble flooring like the Bianco Lasa from Italy. This combination can also be used for a marble computer desk in a smaller office space.


There is an appeal in minimalistic, clean design and then there are bold, bright colours that breath pure energy into a space. If a marble like the Fusion Wow, wows you then look no further. No one said your marble office desk or granite in this case cannot be designed with fiery colours. You can choose from natural shades and different finishes to create a perfect and timeless piece of a marble top computer desk or a marble conference table.

Also, as we discuss unconventional marble top office tables, you can experiment with different shapes. Your marble top office table can be round or oval or square and rectangular with curved edges. This small detail can immediately elevate the look and feel of your office space.

So what comes between pristine whites like the Ongie, Carrara, Statuario and vibrant coloured slabs like Fusion Wow, Azul Macaubas? Well, for us it’s grey and not just any grey but the graceful Princess Grey granite. Everything about this stone is appealing, and when crafted into a marble table top it surely transforms into one of the highlights.


For more inspiration on the many innovative ideas for office tables, all you have to do is visit our extraordinary 8,100 sq. ft. space called The Quarry CO: LAB. It is home to a collective of over 30 different marble, granite and onyx masterpieces designed to inspire, wow and keep you talking about it forever.

We insist you visit The Quarry Gallery once and our curators can help you select the best marble, granite and onyx. The Quarry curated collection is sourced from the best quarries, only. We have also invested in technologies like the QVAC – a special ultra-strengthening technology to increase the integrity and longevity of the stone.

To know more stunning options in marble office tables, we insist you see a sample slab before making a final choice or visit The Quarry Gallery, Italian marble company Mumbai, India. Our curators can guide you through the entire selection process and help you make the right choice.

Call +919930544444 to buy the best Italian marble, granite and onyx near you, right here in Mumbai, India.