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Nature has always been a source of inspiring beauty, and natural stones are a testament to its creative prowess. The Quarry curated rare, stunning and exquisite natural stones to elevate your luxury space. From the warm hues of Onice Miele to the timeless charm of Travertine, each natural stone carries a unique quality that captivates hearts. We explore why these rare natural stones stand out in the design world for architects and designers.


Onice Miele, with its honey-like tones, evokes a sense of warmth and tranquillity. This natural stone is a masterpiece of nature, showcasing delicate layers that create a mesmerising visual effect. Its translucent quality allows light to pass through, giving it an ethereal glow. Whether used as a backsplash in a kitchen or as an accent wall in a living room, Onice Miele radiates a soothing energy, making it a beloved choice for creating a cosy and inviting ambiance.


Travertine, a classic natural stone, has stood the test of time. Its timeless appeal lies in the neutral shades of beige, ivory, and grey, which effortlessly blend with various design styles. The distinctive porous texture adds depth and character to any space, whether it's a bathroom adorned with travertine marble or an outdoor patio showcasing its natural beauty. Travertine symbolises longevity and subtlety, making it a cherished natural stone in both traditional and contemporary designs or settings.


Passione, where the name says it all – is an exhilarating rush of passion! Picture a space bursting with vibrant green, pristine white and beige strokes, radiating boundless energy and vitality in your space. This beauty, Passione, is the go-to choice for elevating the heart of any luxury home – be it a countertop or a captivating feature wall. Passione is granite at its boldest and best.


Ongie, with its captivating olive-green veins, seamlessly ushers the natural world into your home. This natural stone harmoniously balances tranquillity and vitality, making it the top pick for those in pursuit of serene yet vibrant living spaces. Ongie's distinctive patterns and earthy tones elevate any home, from luxurious bathrooms to exquisite kitchen countertops, infusing a touch of organic beauty.

The Quarry curated these natural stones that showcase the artistry and marvel of Nature herself. Each stone, from the translucent beauty of Onice Miele to the majestic aura of Ongie, tells a timeless tale of Earth's history and complements the modern aesthetics of interior and exterior spaces, making them the most loved stones. Let the ethereal charm transform your living spaces into works of art that stand the test of time.