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Choosing the right marble for your bathroom

No one can deny the effect marble has on your mood when you want to have a relaxing bath. Neither can one deny the beauty of coloured marble and how it makes a statement about your vibrant personality. But are you picking the right marble or is a marble in the bathroom a mistake?

There’s a lot that goes into curating the perfect bathroom. But when it comes to the stone, permit us at The Quarry Gallery, to offer you a few insights.

  1. Porosity
    Marble is formed through metamorphosis leaving scope for higher porosity than its counterpart Granite. Not all the marble is equally porous just like all the granites are not equally non-porous. Give it serious thought because the last thing you want in your new washroom is discolouration and scaling.
  2. Mineral Composition and Iron Content
    It’s really important to know the mineral composition as you will be using various hair and shower products in the bathroom. And etching or staining is not an option.
  3. Installation
    Believe it or not, the person doing the installation is vital to the decision process. The way the stones are sealed and installed play a major role in determining the lifespan of your washroom.
  4. Frequency of usage and maintenance
    The way the stone treated is directly proportional to the beauty you feel when you see it. It’s the little things that make the most impact. Like washing out the dye from your hair. The best thing to do would be to clean your washroom after because if you leave it, no cleaner in the world can help you restore the colour of your marble.
  5. Finish
    Needless to say, a polished finish on the floor is the best option especially when it comes to maintenance. However, on the wall cladding experimenting with finishes like Lether could give that extra bit of interest to your bathroom.

Go for marble in your bathroom if that is what’s going to bring out the beauty in the space but just be a little extra cautious and don’t shy away from asking your vendor and contractor questions on these factors. The Quarry has a huge collection of various coloured marble like Diaspro Di Sicilia, Sodalite Plus, Jurassic Brown and white marble like Statuario to cater to various colour palettes.

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