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Today, when it comes to planning our kitchen most of us follow a simple thumb rule.
Leave it to the experts!

Yet, taking some time out to understand the choices made, can go a long way in preserving the beauty of your home.

Yes, the colour scheme and lighting are decisive factors. But when it comes to the stone, permit us at The Quarry Gallery, to offer you a few insights.

  1. Absorption Value

    Natural stones have an interconnected network of pores that allow the travel of liquids and gases, trapping them in the depth of stones. Thus water absorption capability decides the staining capacity of the stone. Higher absorption capacity is a disadvantage as it means higher absorption of the staining solution.

  2. Composition

    Every natural stone has a composition that affects the stone’s capacity to stay neutral when it comes in contact with an occasional spill. Stones containing calcite are more reactive to acidic food. This causes more staining and even etching due to the chemical reactions between the staining material and stone composition.

  3. Abrasion Resistance

    Some natural stones are more prone to abrasion and thus etching because they are inherently softer in nature and have lesser compressive strength. This causes scratching, loss of polish and reduction of the slab’s lifespan.

  4. Kind of Food

    Believe it or not, the food you cook and eat can also affect the kitchen slab. Certain kinds of food like wine, coffee or turmeric stain more than the others. So make sure you consider the usage intensity and frequency of these staining materials in your diet when picking a slab.

Now that you know what to look out for, here’s what you should look for.

We recommend darker marble, granite and quartzite. Make sure the material you choose has low porosity and high abrasion resistance. A granite or a quartzite will be more suitable for the kitchen. However, certain marble like Dalmata and Sentigrigio can be used too. These marble slabs are more stain resistant than others.

But what if your heart is set on a light-coloured marble? Relax. Simply, ask to reduce the porosity of the stone before its application. We also recommend opting for a polished texture, instead of a lether finish.

Curated by The Quarry. Perfected by technology.

We at The Quarry have developed a miraculous process called Densification that makes your light stones resistant to stains. For a live demonstration of our process, we request you to seek an appointment with The Quarry Curator.
And how would you like to be cooking in the purest kitchen in the world? May we present Bactofinish™? A bacteria resistant finish that is so pure that you can eat right off the slab!


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