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Marble has been admired as one of the most exquisite and opulent natural stones, for hundreds of years and rightly so. The most desired of them all, being natural Italian marble. After all, marble is one of Mother Nature’s breath-taking creations that takes millions of years to form.

It has been transformed into masterpieces by sculptors, artisans, designers and architects equally, making it a preferable choice for their finest works, be it cathedrals, galleries, elaborate pillars, public buildings or a luxury residence.

Natural marble can add class to any space for years to come may it be commercial or residential. While selecting the best marble for your home, there are many important factors to keep in mind. When chosen correctly, a high-quality marble can easily last for five years - provided the installation technique and material used during the execution are equally correct.

Here are the mistakes that you need to avoid while choosing a marble for your luxury living space:

Ignoring the quality of the marble

Marble is an extraordinary natural stone that can withstand extreme heat and pressure. But every block of marble is different from the other, making some stones highly sought after while other may not be up to the mark. Understanding the quality of a marble that you have shortlisted will help you decide the right execution and application.

The Quarry Curated Carrara as flooring

Choosing an incorrect colour

Marble can be an easy or difficult material to design with if you do not have complete clarity on how you want the final creation. If you are investing in an Italian marble getting it right as per your design is essential. A white marble flooring or wall cladding can become too stark if you don’t have enough colours to balance it. A dark marble can be overpowering and will not help you relax if your lighting and furnishing is not complementary.

The Quarry Curated Grand Antique Noir and Carrara Marble

Don’t believe it even for a minute that you only have limited colours to choose from when it comes to marble. You will find some of the most captivating shades at The Quarry Gallery. Our curated collection comes from 31 countries and 167 of the world’s top quarries. This spans across the purest white marble to the brightest reds and pinks, calming blues to the deep blacks and browns. Light colours can create the illusion of more space, whereas darker colours can make your room feel more intimate and cosier. You can also go for a combination of both light & dark in the form a classic black and white marble design.

Not considering the maintenance requirements

Knowing and following the proper care and maintenance requirements can largely impact the integrity and lifespan of your marble. In areas of high-traffic you should place a rug or carpet. You should immediately wipe spills and stains from the flooring, tabletops and countertops. In the bathroom, you need to keep an eye on shampoos or beauty products that could discolour your marble. Avoid using cleaners with acidic substance as these products could etch your marble surfaces. Use a pH-neutral cleaner and avoid using harsh scrubbing brushes. The Quarry gallery, provides a comprehensive maintenance guide assisting you in taking care of the installed marble.

Believing in these common myths

Marble is a softer material when compared to granite but it is not so soft that it cannot be used for flooring, cladding and tabletops. Remember marble is a metamorphic rock formed under extreme pressure in the depths of the Earth. However, choosing the right type is just as important. We recommend choosing The Quarry curated Statuario, Carrara or the Laas Authentico collection.

The Quarry Curated Dalmata on wall | Laas Oro Authentico for  flooring

Choosing marble for wrong application areas

Each marble, by the virtue of their formation, is unique in its intrinsic properties. Each type of marble is different and hence, they come in varying ranges of strength and porosity.Hence, marble is not as fragile as you think. It has come a long way from being used only for a luxurious marble flooring or a marble wall cladding. Today we can envision and apply different types of marble across different areas from marble bathroom, dining or office tabletops, highlighter walls to outdoor marble seating, fountains, wall claddings, bathtubs and more. But, one should be careful while deciding the area of application for your marble – as harsh usage areas like Kitchen countertops or exteriors with heavy UV rays, can harm the marble and hence should be avoided.

Bianco Lasa Greyette_ Living room

Laas Gretto Authentico as flooring, across The Quarry Curated Grand Antique Wall

Before you select a marble for your home, do choose to visit The Quarry Gallery. Our curators would love to take you on a personalised tour and even urge you to walk bare feet on a slab of LAAS AUTHENTICO. They would love to tell you more about our epic journeys and introduce you to our breath-taking marble, granite and onyx collections curated from 31 countries.

We also offer you innovative technologies like the BactoFinish and QVAC that strengthens the marble. The Quarry Site and Installation Audit or QSIA is a process through which we study your space and your ideas. Conduct a thorough check to find UV impact, air quality and water density. So you make an informed choice and our luxury marble, granite and rare onyx looks as magnificent when installed as it does when displayed.

Book your appointment with our curators and you would certainly find some amazing inspiration as we give you a one-of-a-kind experience. Call +91 99305 44444 to buy best Italian marble, granite and onyx near you, right here in Mumbai, India.