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It’s always a good time to enjoy a perfect day or evening outdoors with family and friends. What better way is there to spend time outside than to upgrade your current outdoor living area to something special?

Outdoor and indoor spaces can vary drastically from each other and allow for a lot of customization in design and material choices. One material that can be used in several outdoor applications is natural stone.

Natural stone is a building material that has been quarried or harvested from the Earth without any colour or chemical manipulation. The only changes in the material are in size and shape to create a range of different products, design patterns and looks. The Quarry offers a wide range of rare and luxurious natural stones like marble, granite and onyx to choose from.

Regardless of the size, specifications or design, natural stone is one building material that can impact an outdoor living space in many ways. Through accent pieces, focal points and complete landscape architecture makeovers there is always a way to include natural stone into a new or existing outdoor living space.

The following points will help you decide if Natural Stone is the missing element to your outdoor spaces:

Why Use Natural Stones for Your Outdoor Spaces?

Natural Stone has a way of positively impacting a space in any capacity. Accent pieces are the features around the main project that add a unique aspect that compliment the bigger space.

The options are endless when it comes to using natural stones to enhance your outdoor space. It can be a small seating wall, an interior backsplash, natural stone risers or any other secondary project. You can use a small slab for a big impact and this is true for both interior and outdoor spaces.


Outdoor living is about creating a place where family and friends can congregate and spend time together. However with modernization in designing there has been a focus on focal point features like outdoor kitchens, fire pits and fireplaces. New and existing patio spaces are adding these features to be the centrepiece of their space and natural stone is a popular material specified in these designs.


How to Choose the Right Natural Stone for Your Outdoor Space?

When choosing the right stone for your outdoor living space you want one that is enduring in beauty and functionality. Not all natural stones are a match for the outdoors.

Although marble can withstand high pressure and impact, you still need to choose one that is most suited to your climate. In The Quarry Site and Installation Audit or QSIA we study your space by analysing the UV impact, air quality and water density. Rest assured we shall find you the best match for your outdoor space.

When it comes to narrowing down your choice, we would recommend these 2 types of stone for exterior use - Granite and Quartzite. Each of these delivers on the two key criteria. One, they are gorgeous to look at and two, they are more than hardwearing enough to stand up to the rigours of outside elements.


How to Maintain Natural Stone Installed in an Outdoor Environment?

Once your natural stone has been installed, they are subject to routine cleaning and maintenance. Continue reading to discover how to keep the stone looking its best.

The frequent use of sealants makes the natural stone less porous and prone to staining and etching. After the sealing process, countertop surfaces will be less porous; liquids will pool instead of absorbing into the stone.

Avoid extreme heat:
Always use heat-resistant protection when placing hot objects on stone countertops. If you remove a cast iron skillet or grilling basket from your grill, do not place it directly on your natural stone surface.

Use a natural stone cleaner:
Outdoor marble can become stained from harsh weather and exposure to the outdoors. Natural cleaners have the right consistency to effectively clean dirt and grime off of marble, as well as gentle enough to prevent damage.


Benefits of Using Natural Stone In Your Outdoor Living Space.

If you are looking for a luxurious material that can give a high-end look to your outdoor living space, Natural stone is the perfect choice. Natural stones are tough, durable and have an aesthetic appeal. It can be used for a variety of applications like floors, walls, furniture, decor pieces and so on.

Natural stones like granite and quartzite make excellent choices for patios, stairs, and pool areas. A light colour deflects heat, keeping bare feet cooler. Natural stone installations can vary in size from large slabs to assorted slab sizes, and inlay installations.

If all that wasn’t good enough, Natural stone is extremely long-lasting, meaning there is no need to replace it every few years.

Natural colour variations add depth and texture to the design. The Quarry has invested in technologies like the QVAC – a special ultra-strengthening technology used to increase the integrity and longevity of these stones.

Step outside the usual and step into the world of curated Natural Stones. Bring the right touch of colour, texture or pattern to your outdoor living space. Keep all the above points in mind while selecting the right natural stone for your design.


Our curators would love to discuss all options with you in person. We invite you to The Quarry Gallery and The Quarry CO:LAB to touch, feel, see and experience for yourself our breath-taking collection of the rarest and finest, 100% natural marble and granite curated from the best quarries in the world. We assure to continue being the best and beloved Italian Marble Company in Mumbai.