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Step into the world of inspiring flooring creations crafted by top interior designers. We explore the symphony of style, innovation, and artistic expression unfolding beneath your feet by talented designers who transform spaces with stunning marble flooring designs. From mesmerising patterns to exquisite materials, these flooring creations go beyond functionality to become works of art. Explore the endless possibilities and breathtaking designs these Architects and designers brought to life with flooring choices curated by The Quarry.

Rushi & Raveena Baheti

Laas Oro Authentico, an exquisite marble curated by The Quarry, picked by Designers Rushi and Raveena Baheti after an exhaustive quest for the perfect flooring option for their luxury residential venture. From its warm hues to its exquisite texture, this flooring choice embodies sophistication. The golden hues of Laas Oro Authentico marble flooring brings a touch of luxury to any space, creating an inviting ambience. This flooring choice by the designer adds a timeless touch, whether used in traditional or contemporary settings.This remarkable fusion of functionality and emotion transcends boundaries, showcasing a space that epitomises cultural harmony in the modern world. With impeccable attention to detail, the designers showcase The Quarry curated flooring beautifully in this project.

Alpa Shikre

Witness the stunning beauty of Grey Grigio marble. Architect & Interior Designer Alpa Shikre’s unique flooring choice for one of her luxury apartment projects in Mumbai is an inspiring blend of warmth, comfort and exclusive details. The exquisite Grey Grigio brings a sense of luxury to the house. Alpa Shikre's keen eye for design and The Quarry's expertise in curating the rarest natural stones has resulted in a choice that effortlessly elevates the aesthetic appeal of the space. Grey Grigio marble is a captivating flooring option that showcases the beauty of soft, sophisticated grey tones.The designer crafted a stunning visual narrative with her luxury home project

Aalok Saigal 

Sourcing the perfect natural stone and its texture for his luxury home projects was a difficult task for Designer Alok Saigal. The Quarry curated Carrara marble flooring was essential to his modern design. His high-rise luxury apartment project showcases a sophisticated, neoclassical style blending all the elements seamlessly. While the captivating interplay of black and white textures, the Carrara flooring adds character to the designer’s vision for the house, its homogeneity makes the space look mesmerising. The designer's choice of The Quarry curated marble flooring showcases a seamless fusion of style and function in every way.

Dhruva Samal

Interior Designer Dhruva Samal and his vivacious client unveil a creation beyond imagination with a Mediterranean-style home with Laas Eterno Authentico, curated by The Quarry. The shades of beige, often accompanied by subtle variations and veins of lighter and darker shades of cream, taupe, and brown, exude a sense of warmth and tranquillity. The designer's seamless integration of The Quarry curated flooring creates a harmonious ambiance in every way. As the homeowner describes it, the flooring brings together the dance of mother nature's elements. The ethereal beauty of the finest marble transcends boundaries, creating a unique space.

Inspiring Flooring Creations has taken us on a captivating journey through the imaginative and remarkable works of designers, all curated by The Quarry. From stunning patterns to luxurious materials, these flooring creations have truly left us in awe. With The Quarry's commitment to excellence, our 100% Italian marble selection ensures unrivalled quality and authenticity. Our curators have travelled far and wide to handpick the stones. Each slab we offer is 100% Natural - 100% Italian and is cut to precise 20mm thickness. Your dream flooring choice is awaiting you, Visit The Quarry Gallery and The CO:LAB for more inspiration!