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Handpicked Natural Stones for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops.

Well-designed marble countertops in a kitchen or bathroom can completely transform your space. Marble tops are functional, long-lasting and can add a sense of luxury to your interiors. It is a small renovation that can bring the change you are looking for.

The Quarry Curators can help you choose the right slab for your kitchen and bathroom countertopsand The Quarry Projects team can install it for you withflawless precision and international standards.

The Quarry is one of the best marble companies in Mumbai. We offer a wide range of marble for kitchen and bathroom countertops. From the various types of natural stones available in the market, granite is highly recommended for kitchen countertops. The integrity of this material, colours, veining, stain and heat resistance makes it perfect for kitchen and bathroom applicationstoo. However, certain marble can also be used for countertops like Dalmata and Grey Grigio. These marble slabs are more stain-resistant than others.

If your heart is set on a light-coloured marble, you can simply, ask to reduce the porosity of the stone before its application. We also recommend opting for a polished texture, instead of a lether finish.


#1 Grand Antique Noir Granite

What makes every slab truly antique is its age.Here’s the latest addition to our Celebrity Collection. Handpicked from the valley of River Lez, France, Grand Antique Noir is said to have formed over 65 million years ago. Thisgranite as the rarest, most stunning contrast of black and white you’ll ever see. Its stunning veins in black and white makes it a breath-taking selection for bathroom applications like countertops and flooring too.

Grand Antique Noir granite for bathroom countertop.

2. Kosmus Granite

A natural stone worth flaunting, you can feel free to experiment with this material. Curated from the quarries of South America, Kosmus granite is perfect for modern settings, homes and large outdoor spaces where a dramatic, uniform look is required.

3. Biancanero

This granite is a mixture of the darkness of the night and golden veins like sunlight. You certainly don’t have to worry about staining your kitchen countertop. Each slab of this granite is distinctly different from the other that can fill your heart and home with magic.

4. Dalmata

The powerfulness of the black and the spirited white veins invites the eye to fullness and sensuality. Wrapped in smoky waves of twilight, a new magic unfolds within the four walls of your kitchen with the Dalmata marble. Yet another slab worth flaunting, it will make your kitchen the highlight of your home.

The food you cook and eat affects the kitchen slab. Certain kinds of food like wine, coffee or turmeric stain more than the others. So make sure you consider the usage intensity and frequency of these staining materials in your diet when picking a slab.

We at The Quarry have developed a process called Densification that makes your light stones resistant to stains. For a live demonstration of our process, we request you to seek an appointment with The Quarry Curator.

We have carefully picked slabs that can elevate your kitchen and you don’t have to worry about stains or high maintenance.

There is so much more, we would like to tell you. Come, touch, feel, explore at THE QUARRY GALLERY. A fully air-conditioned, 12,500 sq. ft. gallery dedicated to the best marble, granite, and onyx in the world. Curated for you.

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