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The Quarry brings you the finest natural stones from all around the world. We travel across continents to 31 countries – Brazil, Italy, Madagascar, France, Spain, Ireland, and many more to find the most luxurious blocks of marble, granite, and rare onyx. Every luxurious slab of Italian processed marble is then displayed at The Quarry Gallery in Mumbai for you to fall in love with. A dedicated curator guides you through our collection of natural stones. Helping you understand the various quarries, calcification levels, finishes, and more. Ensuring you make the right choice for your beautiful home.
Does our journey end here? It does not.

Let us introduce our curated team of highly skilled professionals who can expertly take care of the natural stone installation for you. They are equipped with the latest technology, state-of-the-art materials and international techniques to make your vision a reality.

The Quarry Projects Team are backed by knowledge and craftsmanship. The research behind the services and professionalism allows them to deliver the finest quality. The Quarry Projects come not only with diligent installation practices as per international standards but also with accountability. It stands beside our clients even after handover.

Floors, counters and walls come together to make the space look unique. The slabs at the joints while placing the stones together make it look seamless to the naked eye, with no clash of patterns while put together. With perfect book match, these joints are inseparable hence it reduces dust formation. You also have exclusive access to never-before finishes like ribbed, V-grooved finish, U-cut moulding, special finishes on onyx, marble, metal inlay art and much more. 

We do everything at The Quarry with love and care, including precision and quality control at every step. The Quarry team takes utmost pride and care, not just when it owns a marble, but at every stage of its life; at the quarries during procuring, transport, and display at the gallery.

We ensure that nature’s gift stays pristine before and after it takes different forms, adding to the beauty of the space. Because every stone differs in strength, durability, and insulation, determined by the natural composition of the stone. Quarry Site and Installation Audit (QSIA) helps ensure that best practices are followed during the installation to avoid any change in the colour or texture of the natural stone and any unwanted deposition of layers for a long life of the stone that ensures it’s longevity even after Installation.

Deterioration in natural stones can happen in various forms. The most general and commonly spotted regressions or degradations are cracks, deformation and blistering. Countless problems, damages and errors can occur when a slab is transported and faulty installed.  The Quarry Projects team takes care of the installation right from the transport to ensure effortless handover.

Your favourite slab of Italian marble deserves ONE-OF-A-KIND installation and aftercare. To know more, book an appointment and visit us at The Quarry Gallery and The Quarry CO:LAB.

Contact us to buy the best Italian marble, granite, and onyx near you, right here in Mumbai, India.