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Colour preference plays a huge role while designing any space. Architects and homeowners can spend hours discussing a specific colour scheme for living room, bedrooms and even bathrooms. If you’re starting your interior designing from scratch, without a style guide or clarity on your preferences, you might want to try a colour scheme that appeals to you the most.

This brings us to one of the simplest looking colour palettes, which is easy on the eyes but can be a challenge to execute. We are talking about monochromatic house interiors that are far from boring when done right. So how do natural stones like marble and granite come into play while choosing monochromatic colour schemes in interior design?

Natural stones like marble, granite and onyx can beautifully complement or contrast your monochromatic interior design. And you need to have the finest collection of slabs for your perusal before you make the final decision. If you are looking for the best Italian marble company we insist you visit The Quarry Gallery. The Quarry curates the finest collection of natural stones from 31 countries globally in 33 amazing and exotic colours

Lusso MacchiatoStone Wall Cladding Book Matched-Curated by The Quarry best italian marble company in India

The Quarry Curated Lusso Macchiato on Wall – Crème Monochromatic Living Room


You can find the greenest slabs of Avocado Vert, countless blue tones in the veins of Azul Macaubas and the widest range of Italian white marble, beige and blacks to adorn your home with. Rare onyx slabs can also help you create a classic monochromatic living room or bedroom design that looks incredible during the daytime and transforms your space completely at night when backlit.

Natural stone that complements monochromatic colour scheme in interior design.

Once you have selected the key colour for designing your room, it is all about finding different ways to make it come to life with marble or granite. For designing a monochromatic living room, you can play with white, black, grey or beige coloured marble that balances the furnishing by keeping it simple and timeless with its breath-taking presence.

The Quarry Gallery | Best marble wall Cladding | Italian Marble company in India

Statuarietto marble flooring and wall cladding

Flooring, wall-cladding, book shelves and table-tops can be your go-to application while designing a monochromatic room.

Even if the majority components in monochromatic rooms should match your decided colour scheme, there is no compulsion. Highlighters and accessories can give you a chance to add vibrancy to your otherwise monochromatic room.

When design components are too similar to each other, it makes the room feel dull. Including pattern and texture are easy ways to add in some much-needed visual interest. And what’s better than a marble formed over millions of years ago. As you look for elements to fill the space, make a conscious effort to include a variety of different textures.

Water marked Azul Montagna-The Quarry Gallery -Italian Marble Company in India

Highlighter marble wall in a monochromatic room.

Using beautifully handcrafted marble wall designs in a bathroom can be a great choice for a monochromatic start. This is less of a commitment as it only involves picking out the right size and shape and then installing it in the space of choice. It’s also a practical way to incorporate a more expensive trend into your home by adding it as a luxe element and making your bathroom look one-of-a-kind.

Marble wall highlighters are also a wonderful way to bring elegance into your home without having to renovate or make significant changes to existing decor. Consider choosing a piece that won’t look out of place in your overall interior scheme, but still revamps the look and feel of the space.

To know more stunning options for using Italian marble for monochromatic wall cladding, flooring and more we insist you visit The Quarry Gallery and The Quarry CO:LAB. Our curators can guide you through the entire selection process, discuss ideas and help you make the right choice.

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