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As you step into a room, what is the first thing that catches your eye? Perhaps it's the furniture or the decor. But have you ever experienced the mesmerising effect of natural stones? The rare finds include backlit onyx, backlit Italian marble, backlit granite and more. The Quarry curated LIT Collection is a feast for the eyes, showcasing nature's igniting beauty and power with large, exquisite slabs of backlit stones that are hard to miss!

The Quarry-curated LIT Collection celebrates art, design, and strength. The backlit marble, backlit white onyx and backlit granite can transform any space into a magnificent work of art! When illuminated, these backlit stones create an enchanting effect transcending time, day and night. We handpicked these natural stones from the farthest quarries worldwide, for you.

Each stone is unique, it can light up your imagination and inspire creativity. From the vibrant Amazonica, with its rich green colour coming to life when illuminated making its combination of backlit onyx and backlit granite dazzle, to the subdued and sophisticated Accendo, with its soft neutral tones. Accendo makes for an ideal choice to create a cosy and calming space. The magnificent slabs of backlit onyx and backlit quartzite are unmatched, and are truly one-of-a-kind. Each slab has a distinct personality that can evoke emotions of warmth and comfort to boldness and grandeur.

Whether you want to create an inviting living room or a mesmerising kitchen with backlit onyx slabs, the LIT Collection is where you need to look. With Ciana's glow, you can transform your bathroom into a serene oasis, while Wunderbar's rich hues can create a unique living room. The backlit onyx, granite, backlit Italian marble stones offer an unparalleled range of possibilities.

Ivory Onice emanates refinement and vibrancy, its refined beige hue seamlessly blends with any decor. The lustrous and translucent beauty of Ivory Onice makes it the perfect choice to create a mesmerising living space. And for those seeking luxury and opulence, Onice Bianco's purity and beauty make it the ultimate choice.

The Quarry curated LIT Collection presents the rarest backlit onyx, backlit marble, backlit granite and backlit onyx from worldwide, and is a testament to the artistry and beauty of backlit natural stones. With its diverse range of colours, patterns, and textures, this collection offers endless possibilities for transforming any space into a work of art! Are you ready to make a LIT choice? Book an exclusive appointment with our curators today, call: +91 99305 44444