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Introducing The Quarry CO:LAB, where the boundaries of marble and natural stone applications are redefined, showcasing the captivating possibilities they offer beyond conventional uses. Here, we will explore some of the breathtaking curations by The Quarry curators that can serve as a rich source of inspiration for your dream project.

Living Room: Marble Louvres & Sofa, Honed Granite Block Table

As you enter the living room, you'll be greeted by a harmonious fusion of carved marble louvres and a sumptuous sofa. The craftsmanship seamlessly blends aesthetics with the surrounding environment. The space exudes sophistication while embracing the allure of natural stone.

Simultaneously, your attention will be drawn to another captivating focal point - the honed granite block table, made with the magnificent Passione, weighing an astonishing 3000 KG. This table graces the living room, showcasing strength and raw beauty that creates a lasting impression on anyone who encounters it. It stands as a statement piece, celebrating versatility.

Kitchen: World's Longest Cantilever Table

Pushing the boundaries of engineering and aesthetics, the world's longest marble cantilever table made with the stunning Grey Myst in the kitchen defies gravity and convention. This masterpiece highlights the boundless potential of marble, demonstrating its unique ability to merge function and artistic expression in an unparalleled way.

Library: Greek Thassos, Grey Myst Lether Marble Carpet

As you walk through the gallery, the Greek Thassos Library is a beacon of unconventional allure. Departing from traditional bookshelves, its design style follows the "less is more" philosophy, emanating sophistication and simplicity. 

Also, an enchanting blend of form and function, the Grey Myst Lether marble carpet transforms the library into a canvas of inspiration. Defying the ordinary, it transcends traditional flooring to evoke warmth and creativity. The organic patterns and vibrant hues breathe life into the space, in harmony with the  fireplace that’s adorned with the striking Calacatta Manhattan.

Entertainment: Multifunctional Table Tennis

Unveiling luxury in unexpected places, the multifunctional table tennis made with a single slab of Verdante converges sport and style. Innovative design meets entertainment, appealing to both athletic prowess and refined taste. This creation highlights the power of imagination to elevate an activity to be an experience. 

Bathroom: Stonewood Wall & Azul Macaubas Bathtub

As you make your way to the bathroom, the space comes alive with the Stonewood wall adorned with the captivating beauty of fossilised natural stone, featuring intricate tree trunk impressions that speak of its ancient origins, adding a unique and timeless charm. As Carrara marble graces the walls – traditionally reserved for flooring – it infuses serene beauty. The Azul Macaubas bathtub carved from a single block adds a touch of magnificence, beauty and luxury, showcasing the seamless blend of nature and design.

The Quarry CO:LAB is a symphony of innovation where Italian marble and natural stones are no longer confined to traditional roles. These meticulously curated spaces redefine the possibilities of design, inviting you to reimagine your dream project with the richness and versatility of natural stones.