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In a fast-paced world filled with chaos and stress, finding moments of tranquillity in our surroundings is a necessity. What better way to surround yourself with than natural stones that offer us a serene escape through soothing shades of blues and greens. These calming hues have the power to transform our spaces into havens of peace.

Blue and green natural stones bring an element of refinement. With their intricate veining these stones evoke a sense of grandeur and calm at the same time. Picture a bathroom adorned with blue marble, where every visit becomes a luxurious retreat.


Sodalite introduces an air of mystery and depth to our surroundings. It’s one of the rarest stones created by mother nature and curated by The Quarry all the way from Brazil, only for you. It unveils its rarest form of natural stone, captivating with its deep blue hues and intricate patterns. Each piece is a testament to nature's artistry, making it a prized natural stone. Explore the extraordinary allure of sodalite, a treasure brought to life through The Quarry.


From deep earthy browns to shimmering greens and flecks of gold, Amazonica’s colours evoke the mystical allure of the Amazon rainforest. Elevate your living space with Amazonica’s rare, rich green tones, found exclusively in South American quarries. This onyx and quartzite combination adds luxury to any space.


Amazonite, a true gem, mesmerises with its soothing shades of aqua and green. Its tranquil colours evoke the calming essence of flowing rivers and lush landscapes. Discover the serene beauty of Amazonite, a stone that truly captures the essence of nature.

Azul Macaubas

Azul Macaubas quartzite, with its swirling patterns of deep blues, creates a sense of movement that mimics the calming flow of water. It effortlessly adds a touch of luxury to any room, making it an ideal choice for countertops or bathrooms.

Azul Montagna

Azul Montagna is a breathtaking stone that exudes a feeling of quiet and hush. Its deep, captivating blues intertwine with delicate patterns, creating a mesmerising experience. This natural masterpiece brings serenity to any space, leaving a lasting impression.

Emerald Green

Emerald Green, a rare quartzite found in South American quarries infuses our spaces with the rejuvenating energy of nature. The lush green hues and captivating patterns remind us of vibrant forests and bring a sense of vitality indoors. Incorporating these stones into our living rooms or kitchens creates an oasis of tranquillity where we can recharge and reconnect.

Labradorite Lemurian

Labradorite Lemurian, a gentle yet magnificent stone handpicked from Madagascar is unmatched. Its blend of black-green to deep black with iridescent blue patches make it eye-catching. The stone creates a mesmerising effect when backlit. It has the power to transform every space it’s a part of.

Blue and green shades generally offer a respite from the chaos, reminding us to slow down. So, bring home Azul Macaubas quartzite, Sodalite marble, Emerald Green quartzite, and other rare natural stones from the farthest quarries and let their transformative power take you over.

The Quarry brings you the finest natural stones from all around the world. We travel across 35 countries – Brazil, Italy, Madagascar, France, Spain, Ireland, and more to find the rarest slabs of marble, granite, and rare onyx. Experience curated brilliance close to home.