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Differentiating the original Greek Thassos from the fake.
Here’s what you should know.

We all love the pristine whiteness of Greek Thassos and the serenity it brings along with the opportunity to feel the calmness of the sea at your own home. But only if the stone at home is actually the Greek Thasos you paid for.

With no disrespect to the different stones, permit us to give you a few insights on differentiating between the original and the fakes.

  1. Greek white Thassos has pearly white homogeneous colour and lacks any spots or veins. The grains in the slabs are smaller and has very few crystalline elements.
  2. Vietnamese White, though also very white, has bigger grains and has a considerable amount of deposits which leave a coloured tinge after polishing.
  3. Austrian White though having the similar grains as Thassos leaves a dull colour tinge on being polished which can be easily distinguished by the naked eye under the sun.

We at The Quarry guarantee that the stone we give you is 100% Greek both in curation and processing. There’s more, the stone would not turn yellow because of the internal iron content. We lab test every block before cutting it.

So, after considering all the information about the stone porosity and colour, would you still use it as a coffee table top? If your answer is NO, we have something to make you reconsider. We at The Quarry have developed Densification, a miraculous process that makes your white stones impervious to stains.

There is so much more, we would like to tell you. Come, touch, feel, explore at THE QUARRY GALLERY and ask for your own coffee spill demonstration from your Quarry Curator.

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