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Treating your whites right.
The Quarry Densification process.

The quintessential whites like Statuario, Lasa and Thassos have been every home owner’s dream. But would you dare to use it as your table top?

Think of it as a brand new spotless white shirt on which you accidentally spill some coffee on. You can just buy another shirt. But when it comes to marble, what do you do about that accidental coffee spill? With all the marble cleaners available, it is difficult to restore it to its original white.

When it comes to your home, compromise isn’t an option. It shouldn’t be. Which is why we at The Quarry have come up with another industry first: The Quarry Densification Process, which makes our already
lab-tested white stones more resistant to stains further enhancing their longevity.

The Densification process:

  • It is carried on by The Quarry Team itself at your site. The process includes treating the stones with the “The Quarry Densifier”, a chemical that our research team has exclusively developed.
  • Each slab is immersed into the Densifier for about 14 hours and is then left to dry under the sun for another 14 hours. This is to ensure that the slab absorbs the Densifier completely and what we give you is an already Densified slab ready to be installed at your home.
  • The Quarry Densifier goes 4mm deep from all the six sides of the stone slab, making sure that whatever liquid spills on the floor does not seep in. It makes the stone almost impervious to stains and gives it the opportunity for
    re-polishing in future.

There is so much more we would like to tell you. Come, touch, feel, explore at THE QUARRY GALLERY and ask for your own coffee spill demonstration from The Quarry Curator.

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