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It takes two to create a home that truly captures your heart. The fusion of the interior designer's expertise and the client's vision, the blend of passion and understanding, and the harmony between ideas and patience all come together to craft living spaces that breathe life into dreams.

Discover the journey of luxury homes with a unique twist in this collaboration between ELLE India and The Quarry Gallery. Get ready to be captivated by the amalgamation of beauty, functionality, and creativity in the world of home decor and interior design. This season marks a shift from being One-of-a-kind to embracing the spirit of Two-of-a-kind. The collaboration showcases exquisite projects spread across India.

So, what does it take to create a perfect match and design a space that is Two-of-a-kind?

Luxurious and inviting. Unique and inspiring. It’s when the designer's expertise is in tune with the client's vision. When their passion and understanding strike a rare balance. It’s when their journey makes you smile.

We have covered everything – luxury homes, a renowned restaurant, an inspiring office space in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and more. Some whimsical, some warm but each space is designed to reflect a distinctive personality that celebrates the clients' tastes and the designer’s creativity.

Yes, we love curating 100% Italian, 100% natural marble, granite and rare onyx but we also love to see where each of our handpicked slabs goes. From Italian marble flooring to vibrant Brazilian wall cladding to handcrafted tables and more! Through each TWO-OF-A-KIND partnership and project, you will experience the essence of luxury living.

Here are all of our favourites, starting with Italian marble floors in luxury homes!

Floors with the enchanting tones of Grey Grigio and Laas Oro Authentico, create an ambience that resonates with extraordinary taste and timeless beauty of Italian marble. We can even say that The Quarry curated Grey Grigio and Laas Oro Authentico have served as two of the popular flooring choices in The Quarry x Elle series. Grey Grigio adds gentle and grey hues, evoking tranquillity and projecting simplicity, while Laas Oro Authentico exudes warmth with its golden and brown veins. They form a dichotomy of styles, adorning floors with understated beauty, each their way. These floors define spaces that blend modernity and luxury effortlessly.

How can we talk about flooring and not mention the Carrara staircase? Gracing one of the luxury apartments in Mumbai, The Quarry curated Carrara became an artful connection for the home. Enhancing the linear design of the surroundings with its pristine presence and delicate grey veins. The architect and client, could not resist creating unique objet d'arts with this world-famous marble.

Moving forward to Two-of-a-kind Tables.

You will see brilliantly conceptualised tabletops at an office that celebrate the strength of each material and its beauty. The Biancanero table with its black-gold fusion, adds immense charm to the workspace. While, Azul Lapis with its intense blue veins, evokes a sense of energy without overpowering the ambience. Grand Antique Noir, dark yet captivating, makes a bold statement.

There’s more!

Emerald Green, a vibrant and refreshing slab from our Celebrity collection, adds a pop of nature's beauty, as does Avocado Vert with its lively tone. In contrast to these two in the glamorous Vogue – dark and gold with a wonderful texture that embodies chic. All are tables but the materials, colours and designs add versatility and value to each designer’s and client’s vision.

You will love each of these magnificent walls!

The TV walls featured in our Two-of-a-kind series don’t just frame screens, they frame experiences. And the bathroom walls, take interior design to the next level!

The Quarry curated Grand Antique Noir sets a lavish backdrop with its striking black and white veins. This marble is known for the drama and grandeur it creates. On the other hand, Pannonia Blau, commands the room with an artistic display of free-flowing veins in black, white and a hint of beige.
Take for instance the Calcite Azul Lata, a serene blue wall that whispers tranquillity. Or The Quarry curated Passione, with its soft green veins, infuses warmth.

Each of these curated slabs of luxury marble, granite, quartzite and more are handpicked from around the world. Exhibiting unique shades and textures. Resonating and transforming the architect and client’s visions to bring you luxury home décor ideas.

With boundless creativity, emotions and ideas The Quarry x Elle’s TWO-OF-A-KIND project stands out in more ways than one. We invite you to experience this collaboration and meet the architects and their wonderful clients. Click here to fall in love once again with everything they have created together. For more inspiration do book an appointment with our curators for a personalised tour of The Quarry Gallery and The Quarry:COLAB.