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We understand how overwhelming white can get. How each white transforms under different lighting and how important it is to choose the right one for your home.

Leave it to the experts!’ is a great way to tackle things. But taking that little extra effort in knowing the do’s and don’ts, why’s and won’t’s of white will give you that little extra sense of pride in your home.

We at The Quarry believe in empowering our clients to make a choice of their own. And the white one!

Here’s how to differentiate the originals from the fakes:

  1. Ask the Right Questions
    Carrara has a blue-grey tone with subtle veining. The stone has soft grey flecks and feathers which are often in a linear pattern. Although some lots of Carrara might look somewhat like Statuario, only a close inspection and asking the right questions is the key to not being cheated.
  2. Know Your Stone
    Calacatta is a stone much rarer but less hyped than Carrara. Pure white with gold and grey veining, this beauty has a golden-brown undertone. Its veins are not linear like Carrara. But is guaranteed to make an impression on your home and all who enter.
  3. Study its Features
    The name Statuario itself is enough to draw gasps of awe. However, the demand for it exceeds its supply. Which means you need to be on the lookout for fakes. Always remember a fake Statuario will turn yellow on installation.


The Quarry Gallery is your one stop shop for all the above stones. Lab tested at Belgian Building Research Institute and proud. Come, touch, feel, explore at THE QUARRY GALLERY. The Quarry Curator will take you on a personalised tour of the space leaving you in absolute awe. We promise.

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