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Homes are made of walls. Walls that you may or may not know what to do with, other than stare at. Regardless of where you live in an apartment or a villa or what your style preference is – neither can the walls be left blank nor can they be extensively designed with shelves, photo frames and whatnot.

There is more to wall décor than painting, wallpaper, textured paint and mirrors or other accessories. Our go to solution – Natural stone. A beautiful marble can totally transform your wall and room. A unique highlighter can enhance your space like you never imagined. Combine it with the finest craftsmanship and you won’t be able to take your eyes and hands off your wall.

It’s no secret that marble is one of the most widely used materials for interior design. Italian marble has been a popular choice. Italian marble wall cladding is also known to transform any space into an embodiment of luxury.

So, here are the dos and don’ts for making the right choice when it comes to marble wall design for living room, bedrooms and even bathrooms. But first, let’s understand why marble is an excellent choice for wall cladding.

Azul Montagna and Bianco lasa_ living room

The Quarry Curated Azul Montagna |Natural stone wall cladding

How can marble walls enhance your interior designs?

With each slab of marble and granite being unique, natural stone cladding gives your home a distinguished look. It is like adorning your walls with a larger-than-life painting, which is created by Mother Nature especially for you, over millions of years.

During the process of finalising the most desired material - marble selection, usage, and installation are also equally important. If you get those right, you will have the best marble walls cladding adorning your home.

Certain marble, granite and even onyx can be used for stone wall cladding. The Quarry has invested in technologies like the QVAC – a special ultra-strengthening technology to increase the integrity and longevity of the stone. It is mostly used on onyx as it is more softer in comparison to marble and granite, which also gives this stone its semi-translucency. Your space will never look ordinary with onyx stone wall cladding.

Living room with marble walls

With The Quarry Collection of natural stones, the knowledge of our curators and the expertise of The Quarry Projects team, even a simple natural stone cladding can become extraordinary. You can choose to combine different slabs or create a magnificent book match for your bedroom or living room wall cladding.

To know more stunning options for using natural stone for wall cladding in your living room, we insist you visit The Quarry Gallery and The Quarry CO:LAB. Our curators can guide you through the entire selection process, discuss ideas and help you make the right choice.

The Quarry Curated Onice Miele | Wall highlighter

Kitchens with marble walls

Yet another space that calls for marble walls. It’s no surprise so many people opt for kitchens to be designed with marble surroundings. Is it a good idea or a bad one? It’s an amazing idea! Because marble and granite are not only a beautiful material but also one of the strongest and naturally resistant stones with low maintenance involved.

The Quarry Curated Passione | Backsplash and counter

Kitchen walls or backsplashes made with marble, will reduce the burden of the usual tedious cleaning. Many stones are heat resistant and by reducing their porosity with chemical solvents we can also make them resistant to water and stains. So your kitchen not only looks luxurious but is amazingly functional.

Bathroom with marble walls

If you want a bathroom that’s clean, uncluttered and so stunning you can happily live there? Make marble your preferred choice for designing it. Once you have chosen a slab you love, it’s all about achieving a fresh, sleek look, and there’s no better example than these beautiful bathrooms designed with Lilac Super Extra.

luxurious-bathroom design

The Quarry Curated Lilac Super Extra | Bathroom walls

We suggest you to keep all the above points in mind while selecting the right natural stone for your design needs. Our curators would love to discuss all options with you in person. We invite you to The Quarry Gallery and The Quarry CO:LAB to touch, feel, see and experience for yourself our breath-taking collection of the rarest and finest, 100% natural marble and granite curated from the best quarries in the world. May we book your appointment, today?

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