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While walls have ears, you can also let your living room walls speak for themselves. Here’s how you can add character and draw attention to otherwise standard looking walls. Fluted panels are a great way to bring texture and depth to your wall decor, giving them an aesthetic feature that works well with many styles.

Fluted natural stone panels are versatile. Whether you want to add one in your living room as a fluted marble or granite panel TV highlighter wall or in the kitchen, bedroom, office, indoor or outdoor areas, it will look absolutely stunning. The durability and resistance of marble, granite and onyx to any form of damage, water, termite, and mould is higher than most materials.

Fluted natural stone can be customised depending on how large the wall you want to cover it with. The Quarry Projects team can also assist you with the installation. We offer a wide range of colours and textures, making it simple to create different appearances for feature walls.

Why Use Textured Walls?
Simply put, textured walls are modern, fresh and have the elegance to enhance any living space. Not big on wallpapers? Frames? Decoratives? Textured walls are the answer to a home design that is minimalist in nature but has the potential to stun anybody who looks at it. It is simple yet sophisticated.

One major reason why people are turning to this type of wall treatment is the variety of shades, textures, materials, shapes and sizes and grant virtually endless possibilities for décor. The options are endless when it comes to fluted walls with natural stones or slabs with different finishes like honed, matt, waterjet finish and more. You can take it a step further to make it even more luxurious, these installations are also available in pure Italian Marble. Your search begins and ends at The Quarry Gallery and The Quarry CO:LAB. With the finest collection of the best Italian Marble in India you just have to choose what suits your style the most and the rest is taken care of by our highly skilled team. You have our 100% assistance from picking the right marble to getting it installed in your space.

Not just an aesthetic accessory to your space but it has utility too. Did you know that fluted wall panels are good sound absorbers? Yes. Having them in a closed space improves the quality of sound within the room because the grooves between each vertical slat reduce the number of sound waves that are reflected off the walls.

Fluted panels are not only used in walls where they are attached to a concrete structure. Architects and interior designers also use them to serve as a partition wall. If you are considering dividing your spaces into two sections, a fluted panel would be an ideal feature wall.

With modernisation introducing the ‘use and throw’ culture, choosing a long-lasting option when it comes to home designing comes as a duty.

How To Clean Textured Walls:

Cleaning and maintaining a textured wall isn’t much of a hassle when compared to the aesthetic value a textured wall adds to your living space. If you’re cleaning panelling and textured marble walls, opt for a vacuum with a bristle brush that gently agitates the surface and simultaneously collects dust.

Like with a fluted wall, work from the top downward, focusing on corners and the grooves but work vertically to capture dust along the full length of the wall as you descend. When cleaning textured marble walls, especially when the rough surface consists of dust and grime like your typical painted surface. There’s no need to use a soap water solution; rather, you should use a sponge and water to wipe it down.

We suggest you keep all the above points in mind while selecting the right natural stone for your wall design needs. Our curators would love to discuss all options with you in person. We invite you to The Quarry Gallery and The Quarry CO:LAB to touch, feel, see and experience for yourself our breath-taking collection of the rarest and finest, 100% natural marble and granite curated from the best quarries in the world.

Now that you have learned a little about the fluted decorative wall panel look, you may be thinking of adding these 3D panels to your space. Are you ready to transform your home or office? From your living room at home to the reception area at the office, you can find a range of ideas for dressing up your space in fluted wall panelling.