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Why to Choose Statuario Marble Most precious Natural Stone from the heart of Italy

Since ages, marble has been used in architectural designs and is priced for its beauty and many types as it delivers a one-of-a-kind classic look that can be adapted to any décor.

One such extraordinary marble, said to be the finest of all in the world, is Statuario Marble. The mountain quarries of Statuario marble are located above Carrara in Italy and has limited availability and high demand. The low availability of this marble makes it more of a rare find.

Extracted in the Carrara area, the Statuario white marble has a bright white background crossed by medium-wide gray veins. Thanks to its unique aesthetic properties, it lifts up the face of any interior project.

Statuario super extra plus

Statuario super extra plus

Facts about this rare stone

Let’s see some facts about this rare stone and find out what makes it so distinct and popular amongst interior designers and architects around the globe.

  1. The Statuario White marble of Carrara region is one of the most precious marbles in the world. Very few materials, in fact, can compete with its transparent sheen and incredibly compact structure. The main types of this material are the White Statuario Venatino Marble, which has veins in shades of grey of various sizes, and the White Statuario Extra Marble with thin veins.

At The Quarry Gallery, Our Chief Curator personally travels to the best quarries across the world to curate the rarest marble, granite and onyx that nature has to offer. Each slab is then finely cut and polished by generations of Italian craftsmen and displayed for you to choose from, at our 12,500 sq. ft. temperature-controlled, The Quarry Gallery, Mumbai.

2. Many Italian artists have created real masterpieces with the Statuario marble since ages, like the “Amore e Psiche” by Antonio Canova between 1787–1793 and Michelangelo’s David sculpture between 1501-1504, entirely carved in a single block. Today, this material is used to express luxury and magnificence, especially for furnishing elements such as fireplaces, sculptures and special design creations.

Quarry marbles

Statuario marble collection

For inspiration on the many innovative application possibilities of the Statuario marble, all you have to do is visit our one-of-a-kind 8,100 sq. ft. experience center of rare marble, granite and onyx called The Quarry CO:LAB. Home to a collective of over 30 different marble, granite and onyx masterpieces including the Statuario marble collection, The Quarry CO:LAB is designed to inspire, wow and keep you talking about it forever.

3. White Statuario is the stone widely used in interior design projects and the physical characteristics of this marble make it suitable for use in environments protected from humidity and environmental factors.

Whether you’re looking for the finest, 100% pure Statuario marble collection in Mumbai, or any other marble, onyx and granite, our curators will guide you to make a perfect choice.

4. Statuario marble is an ideal stone for indoor applications. This marble variety works well in a large tile format, in the form of countertop slabs, book-matched backsplashes or wall panels.

Staturio marble

Statuario marble

Did you also know, that The Quarry clients have the leverage to make the slabs stain resistant using The Quarry Densifier, which goes 4 mm deep from all the six sides of the stone slab. This makes sure that whatever liquid spills on it, does not seep in, while also giving it the opportunity for re-polishing in the future.

The Quarry Project's team of expert marble craftsmen will make sure that each slab you choose is not only delivered carefully, but also installed flawlessly.

The Statuario marble features are the same white and grey hues found in Carrara, with grey veining similar to that which you’ll find in Calacatta slabs. This marble is bright white in colour, and is pricier and more sought-after marble available on the market.

Similarly, you can make the most sought-after choice by visiting The Quarry Gallery, Mumbai. Come, touch, feel, explore at THE QUARRY GALLERY. The Quarry Curator will take you on a personalised tour of the space so that you make the preferred choice when it comes to selecting the rarest marble, granite and onyx for your one-of-a-kind home.

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