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For thousands of years, marble has been used in architectural designs and is priced for its beauty
and many types as it delivers a one-of-a-kind classic look that can be adapted to any décor.
Marble is available in different colours, textures and finishes and it comes from all around the world
from countries like the USA, Italy, Spain, Iran, France, China, Madagascar and more. The Quarry
curates the finest collection of marble from 31 countries. Each slab is then cut and polished by
generations of Italian craftsmen in Italy. You may wonder why people say Italian marble is the best
and why is it so special to have flooring, walls or even a bathroom. Allow us to take you through the
benefits of using Italian marble for your luxurious home.

What are the advantages of using Italian Marble?
Whether used in living rooms, kitchen or bathrooms, marble has a timeless and luxurious appeal.
Italian marble has always been among the most preferred natural stones for home décor and we
would like to take you through the benefits of Italian marble.

The very first advantage of using Italian Marble is simple; you know that your stone is coming from
one of the best quarries in the world. Knowing the origin of your select stone is essential to
understand its characteristics and quality.

White marble from Italy is highly-sought after. With a crystal-like appearance, Italian marble flooring
can add a dreamy touch to your home. Carrara, Bianco Lasa, Statuario are much more lustrous,
naturally pearly and luminescent when compared to any other marble from across the world.

The Quarry Curated Cararra Marble

Why should you prefer italian marble?

The Quarry Curated Bianco Lasa Marble

Why should you prefer italian marble?

The Quarry Curated Statuario Marble

During installation, it is necessary to match the grains and patterns between adjoining marble slabs. Italian marble is softer and hence easy to carve into different finishes, which requires skilled labour to carry out the installation work. The Quarry Projects team has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to flawlessly finishing a marble or granite installation work.

Italian marble can give any space a unique and one-of-a-kind aesthetic. It is recommended for high-end floors of living room, foyer, staircase, bathroomand tabletops. Italian marble countertopstoo are an amazing addition that can transform the feel of your home and make any space look one-of-a-kind.

Carrara Marble flooring for bedroom

Why should you prefer italian marble?

Statuario Marble flooring for bathroom

At The Quarry, we have invested in technologies like the QVAC – a special ultra-strengthening technology to increase the integrity and longevity of the stone. The Quarry Densification process makes each slab highly stain resistant and the amazing bacteria-resistant BactoFinish.

Everyone wants to make the right choice in selecting marble but it’s easier said than done. With endless choices in the market, it’s a daunting task to find the best marble. But as long as The Quarry Curators guide you to choose the best marble for your space, you’ll know that you have made the choice of a lifetime.

To know more stunning options in Italian marble for flooring or countertops, we insist you see a sample slab before making a final choice or visit The Quarry Gallery. Call +91 99305 44444 to buy the best Italian marble, granite and onyx near you, right here in Mumbai, India.