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The entrance of your home can set a welcoming tone for the rest of your space. You can use this area to create decor details that elevate the overall ambience of your home.

A foyer is a space where you welcome your guests or where you can ask people to wait. Hence, it is a good idea to keep it spacious with ample seating arrangements like a bench, chairs, table, a coat rack and elements to help entertain people while they wait.

Here are some simple tips to get you started with the best foyer entrance ideas.

Think of your foyer design as the first impression on your guests. But it needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, with space for practical storage such as shoes, umbrellas keys and seating space.

Entryway Entrance foyer design idea by The Quarry Gallery | Modern foyer design

The Quarry Curated Stonewood wall cladding for entryway

Best colours for foyer and entryway:

Take a look at the best foyer colours of 2021 that will complement the entryway to your home.

  • Selecting an off-white or beige shade for your entryway allows you to choose bold elements while decorating the rest of the space. On the other hand you can also adorn it with a warm shade of marble or granite with intense veins and patterns and keep the rest of the space simple.

  • As we discuss warm entryway colours, you can mix and match two shades of marble. One can be a pristine white like the Carrara or Statuario and the other a darker, versatile shade that catches the eyes. You can use it for flooring and walls or create an inlay pattern that makes a statement and is yet timeless in its design.

  • You can also try subtle variations of green, blue, pink and greys to highlight your entryway and mix it with contrasting furniture and accessories.

Modern foyer entrance design from the The Quarry Curated Marble

The Quarry Curated Black and Gold granite and Carrara marble

Foyer wall and furniture design ideas:

When it comes to storage, you can make use of the walls in an interesting manner.

  • You can have foyer designs with walls that have built-in shelves. This can also be achieved if you choose to adorn your walls with a marble. These can be used to place small home decor items like candles or frames or a bowl to hold keys and other trinkets.

  • In your foyer design, you can also choose to go minimal to keep your space clutter-free. A simple bench made out of marble or granite can be your point of highlight and functionality. You can also have a single wall rack to go along with this bench. For a more accessorised space, you can add some greenery with plants or mirrors and lighting to bring character.

Image of Best foyer wall design idea in India form The Quarry Gallery

The Quarry Curated Fusion Wow Light and Basaltina Stairway

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